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InstaBG Brings Instagram Backgrounds To Twitter Profiles

InstaBG Brings Instagram Backgrounds To Twitter Profiles

InstaBG for Twitter

Instagram has become a photo sharing sensation, allowing users to organize their photos and share them across a vast mobile network, now thanks to the website users can share their own photos and the photos of other publicly available albums with a simple and sleek interface that auto updates daily and offers plenty of customization.

The program couldn’t possibly be any easier to use, once a user clicks on “Sign in with Twitter Account” they are asked to verify their Twitter credentials and approve the application for use.

Next a screen displays that shows users a list of options they can choose from:

InstaGB Twitter

The first section “Target Photos” allows users to choose which photos to display, you can simply choose “All” photos from Instagram which can display new and popular photos or you can enter a user ID to choose only that users public photos (such as your own public photo profile), under that option users can also choose from such categories as Pets and Baby (very limited selection of categories at this time). Finally my favorite section is the “Tags” option which finds photos based on user generated tags. I used the tag “Technology” but you could literally choose anything your heart desires.

The next option “Auto Update” allows users to create a static Twitter background from the preview area or have the program generate a new Twitter background every 24 h0urs and automatically change the users background based on their chosen settings.

Next the program allows photos to be arranged by “New, Popular and Random” means, allowing for slightly more adaption.

After those options are chosen users then choose the “Layout” for their new Twitter background. InstaBG offers four choices which include Small, Middle (Medium), Large and Custom image sizes. If you have a lot of photos to display the small option works nicely while the large option works for showcasing only your best and most popular photos.

The program also allows for photo spacing, while you can choose No, Small, Middle (Medium) or Large I found that the “No” option gave a better looking background that was more “Collage” then random pictures.

Finally the program allows images to be displayed with date stamps and the number of likes at the time of the Twitter background creation, both which can be activated separately or together.

Next after clicking the “Preview” button a screen like this will appear:

InstaBG Twitter Preview

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After you have verified that the background meets your expectations you can push the “Set this image to Twitter” button and then just wait a few seconds for your new background to appear (it took 5 minutes on my first attempt and 10 seconds on my second, likely due to Twitter API delays).

Here’s my final output for my Twitter account @Techobsessed:

Twitter Background for InstaGram

Give a try today and I’m positive you’ll love the experience the platform provides.



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