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Instablogs Global Report on Mumbai Terror Attack

Instablogs Global Report on Mumbai Terror Attack

The Mumbai terror attack has gotten a huge amount of press on social sites like Twitter, just check out this search featuring tweets tagged #mumbai. Citizen journalism blog network Instablogs have published Global Report story featuring citizen voices, which you might want to view if you’re interested in these kind of things.

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  • homage to those who have became a victim in the terror.. and sharing the feelings of those who have went through that horrifying drama :(

  • This attack I s mainly done to weaken the Indian roots.So its our duty to remain united as a country as a whole and not to discriminate among any religion and region.People like Raj Thakray should be behind bars because they are the ones who are trying to deroot our unity. The Terrorists are not only from pakistan but the master minds are far beyond our expectations, they also might influence India to declare a war against pakistan ,but we should think before taking any action.
    War is devasting and more of bloodshed and India do not have the capacity to lose any more human life.
    If we keep aside our hatredness against pakistan and think deeply, INDIA AND PAKISTAN TOGETHER CAN BE SUPERPOWERS AND COUNTRY LIKE CHINA AND USA CAN BE UNDER OUR CONTROL. We have brains and weapons, we just have to sreamline our ideas.. Friends think about it…….. and do reply

  • India should have a well-planned security system, because its the only country which is suffering severe terror attacks since independence.

  • Terror Elimination:
    Three step process.

    1) Let USA take on western Pakistani area, India take on Eastern Pakistan area and Pakistan themselves take on Central and in case they are incapable of doing it then let UN cleanup central area, give Pakistan people an assurance that this is not invasion but cleanup effort and request local people to cooperate and also provide them troops withdrawl plan.Wish every person want and will have peaceful life.

    2) Boycott and Ban all the products/ resources from companies/ countries funding terrorism which will discourage people from choosing being terrorist as a career

    3) Whole world should come together to reduce world population as Earth is not expanding and natural resources are shrinking, so reducing the population is the best option . Once we have less population on planet then there will be no starving, people can enjoy better life.

    – I wish there should have been NO religion and No religious fights and everyone treat each other as a Human being and respect everyone.

    May Universe protect human mankind.


  • The Mumbai terror has exposed the lawlessness in our own country. The scant regard for intelligence, the unpreparedness to face an attack, the lack of proper armoury by a state to face havoc by better armed terrorists, the fire equipment frailties etc have shown to the public eye what was probably too loud to conceal. Under these open glares there will be another hundred issues which suddenly turned our financial capital into a horror destination.

    Add to that the shameful news that our politicians are harbouring countless commandos for their own bodies, shows that the lawlessness from our law enforcing leaders is at its all time low. There is no accountability, no regulator, no one to ask or take them to task.

    What will happen to us?

  • One hopes that the United states of America will exert pressure on pakistan to convert its cosmetic excercise of arresting its home bred terrorists like Zaki-ur-Lakhvi and Maulana Masood Azhar into actual action by extraditing these terrorists to India.

    Else this will only be an excercise in futilty. Just a cover up. India should exercise whatever resources it has to ensure that these merceneries are brought to book

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