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Instagram Has Busiest Day Ever On Thanksgiving

Instagram Has Busiest Day Ever On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2012 - Instagrams Biggest Day Ever


Pictures of turkeys, Thanksgiving feasts, football, ?family members and other shots dominated the web on Thanksgiving day and millions of those photos were posted to the?popular social photo website Instagram.

The photo platform which currently claims more than 100 million Google Android and Apple iOS smartphone and tablet users to its name literally saw millions of Thanksgiving Day 2012 posts.

According to the company it received more than 10 million Thanksgiving photos to various holiday themed hashtags. The biggest tags were #turkey and #thanksgiving.

On an average day Instagram witnesses 26 photo uploads per second. On Thanksgiving day the social photo platform was realizing a peak of 226 images per second at 12:40 PM PST.

To put the Instagram record in perspective, during Superstorm Sandy the social network had managed 800,000 photos uploaded, approximately 10 Hurricane Sandy photos per second.

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Instagram has lately been touted as a platform that extends beyond its photo sharing capabilities to paint a real-time picture of the world. From news events to private moments Instagram is quickly becoming one of Facebook’s biggest assets.

Do you think Instagram will continue its rise in online photo dominance or will it eventually be taken over by the “next big thing” in social photo sharing technology?


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