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Interesting Local Events in Baltimore

Interesting Local Events in Baltimore

Why does this interest anyone but me? It probably doesn’t, but yet who knows who will read these things and be tantalized to explore further into the database of events. is so underutilized outside of the Bay Area and it’s a shame. Several events I’ve heard about locally here in Baltimore could recieve better visibility if the mainstream caught on to some of the Web 2.0 tools.

  • The Flickr Show at Hampdenfest – September 16. A localized big event, Hampdenfest, which celebrates all things Baltimore in the same fashion that Artscape dominates the local Baltimore art scene, Flickr photographers will be sharing their Baltimore photography for all to see.
  • Balticon 41 – May 25-28, 2007. Though well in advance, this interesting science fiction festival attracts all kinds of bizarrities and is a central icon in the odd Baltimore landscape every year.
  • The Underground Online Seminar – March, 2007. I’m told that the man putting this thing on, Yanik Silver, is really very good though I can’t for the life of me figure out how much this event costs. It is being hosted in Washington, D.C.
  • New Technology Seminar with Khoi Vinh – September 21. Khoi is, of course, the director of design for and runs his own blog at

So what can you find interesting in or other events happening in your locality?

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  • Aaron,

    Thanks for the heads up on and the local Baltimore events I can find there.

    See, and you thought no one else would find Baltimore areas events interesting…

    Thanks again from what I think is Baltimore’s first and only(?) blog network iLounge Media Network.

    Our flagship is:

    Keep up the great job blogHERALD we love the site!

  • Hi Aaron,
    Just saw this post via Google alerts. The last 2 Underground events (actually 3 if you count the Underground UK next week) have all sold-out weeks ahead of time. We will be releasing more info on once the doors for March are open. We bring in all kinds of interesting and under-the-radar, real-world Internet successes to share what they’re doing. Early-bird pricing is probably going to be $1995.


    P.S. It looks good that one of the speakers will be a blogger doing *very* well online. No confirmation yet.

  • Hey Aaron, those are great events that you have listed.

    Although with our latest release we’ve started augmenting our listings w/ events from Y! Local, almost all of our events are user-contributed, so if you see something you’d like to share, by all means, please add them in. We’ve tried to make it as painless as possible.

    Because has been so focused on the social experience, it’s been a little rough for metros where there aren’t a lot of people using it, but we’re working hard on making as useful and indispensible for the rest of the country (and world? :) as in the Bay Area!

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