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Interview with comment spammer David Naylor

Interview with comment spammer David Naylor has an interesting interview with SEO David Naylor, who admits to being a comment spammer, as well as a content thief….it’s interesting only in that the natural way he talks about what he is doing, which is downright scary. The select quote:

“We tend to run 2 or 3 different programs at a time and live by the sword, whether it be blog spamming, scraper sites, content driven sites or just plain old clean SEO sites.”

(via Threadwatch)

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  • Wow…a scary, but rather entertaining read. I think I’ll stick to plain old good content and relevant links. It helps me sleep better ; )

    This was my favorite frightening quote: ‘On my “build & burnâ€? domains there is only one type of penalty and that is hand removal and we live by the motto – keep walking and never look back!’

    Uggh, if that’s the price for success then I’m happy to be a failure.

    Seriously : )

  • Not that I approve of content thieves and spammers (actually, I would love to reserve a “special place” for them, but alas. . .), but the interview was interesting nonetheless. Thanks.

  • I treat comment spammers the same as i treat email spammers. If they take a crap on my blogs or in my email box, I set Spammer Slapper on them. I am also an ardent supporter of Blue Frog campaign. I say if spammers want visits to their website, then I am willing to give them their wish.

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