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Is 3bubbles just one bubble waiting to happen

Is 3bubbles just one bubble waiting to happen

Live from my 3Bubbles test (tip via Problogger). You too can check out the future of blogging (1996 style) at the 3Bubbles blog (click on chat at the bottom of the post). Warning, some language used, I’ve * most of it but it will still offend some.

Meliok: /me test irc-like commands
sri: it isn’t.
orly: i can tell you what it isn’t…
upright-juggler joined the conversation
Mollyfud: I think it would be interesting to record the conversations for future vistors to the site to see the conversation. If you don’t do that, then I would rather normal comments
upright-juggler: foo bar
jon: /kick Meliok

jon: /me slaps Meliok with a trout
upright-juggler: /join silent_room
orly: research shows that we routinely misinterpret or misconstrue up to half of all text-based communications.
orly: you c**ts.
jon: /ignore orly
upright-juggler: seems like torrett
whoa: no bad word filter yet.
orly: seems like a to-do.
jon: bad word filters don’t work
jon: because people are too creative
orly: oh noes!
jon: f*ck. f$ck. f!ck
ol: hello buddies
orly: nice work bubble2.0
ol: fun
Bubble 2.0: rofl
grobigou: yeah great
orly: 1998 called. they want their chat room back.
Bubble 2.0: just what we need, chat for blogs, taking the conversation up the ass Web 2.0 style :-)
grobigou: great
jon: 1980 called. they want irc back
orly: LOL
Meliok: ^_^
grobigou: no smiley
Bubble 2.0: hehe
orly: smileys are ghey
grobigou: because i hate smileys
Bubble 2.0: does it support smileys :-)
orly: this is old school
jon: no :(
Bubble 2.0: nup. this is going to fail. No smiley icons. it sucks :-p
IRC: does anyone know if this thing can be skinned?
jon: this thing needs more gradients
jon: and larger text
Bubble 2.0: skinned? it cant even do fucking smilies?
jon: and a 37signals logo
Bubble 2.0: I wonder what Please report spammers does, any one want to volunteer their user name?
Bubble 2.0: Mollyfud, I think you’d be good for it
jon: is anyone here a registered user?
orly: a whatnow
IRC: well mute works well
Bubble 2.0: register? I didn’t see a registered option….darn web 2.0 shit.
jon: this is clearly web 3.0
orly: what makes u say that?
Bubble 2.0: wtf?
IRC: no, i’d say 4.0 ;-)
orly: 4???
IRC: hrm
orly: !!!111
Bubble 2.0: I bid Web 5.0
ThatStud joined the conversation
orly: one
Bubble 2.0: do I have 6.0?
jon: there’s so much ajax here it’s web infinity point oh.
ThatStud: this is clearly Shit.0
jon: lol
Bubble 2.0: Stud, you are right.
IRC: this is like web 3.0 time a million
orly: i’m releasing 4 bubbles next month. it will kill this shiat.
Bubble 2.0: rofl
ThatStud: :)
jon: my 5 farts dot com will be better
IRC: or web 3,000,000
ThatStud: Even GTalk has ‘colored’ emotes :P
jon: does this have basecamp integration?
jon: it totally needs it

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