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Is blogging helping to decide web server market share?

Is blogging helping to decide web server market share?

A recent web server statistics report by Netcraft shows that Apache showed a small gain in market share during the month of December 2007, taking back some of the ground it lost to Microsoft and Google in the previous two years.

Interestingly (for web server statistics, at least) some of that could be attributable to the increased popularity of WordPress. The report singles out as a contributor, though I would have thought standalone implementations of WordPress (via would also play a significant part.

In mid-2006, Microsoft’s own blogging and social networking platform, Windows Live Spaces, saw a revival which is attributed to the increased usage of Windows Server.

Google’s shift of Blogger to its own servers also enabled it to make modest gains, albeit on a much smaller scale.

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It would be foolish to conclude that blogging software alone could be a deciding factor in the market share of web servers, but it does seem to have some significance.

(Via Ars Technica)

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  • I don’t understand. Is it that every time a new blog is created on, thats one more website using Apache? If that is the case, that is stupid. should be counted as using Apache, not all of the subdomains under the domain.

    Hope you can clear that up as I’ve been wondering about that for awhile now.

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