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Is Chris Pirillo a blog princess?

Is Chris Pirillo a blog princess?

David Utter at WebProNews writes that geek blogger and Tech TV resident nerd Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome fame is a blog princess and allegedly spat the dummy at SES 2005 after being challenged by Jupiter Media staff to prove that he was actually a member of the online media. The outburst is described as having been a “paroxysm of rage”.

Pirillo has denied the allegations and is demanding a retraction.

The question remains though: is Chris Pirillo a blog princess? Did you see the hissy fit at SES 2005 or do you think its all tabloid gossip. Share your thoughts in the comments. Either way the graphic from WebProNews (top right here) is priceless :-)

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(Thanks to Patrick Grote for the tip)

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  • yes, Chris Pirillo is a blogging primadonna although it is an opinion only. The fact is that Chris Pirillo is massively removing comments from his blog, even if they are not a spam, but just some argumentation. This is a fact.

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