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Is Nick Denton a racist?

Is Nick Denton a racist?

Some interesting commentary is passing its way around the blogosphere accusing uber-money-blogger Nick Denton and his stable of blogs as being allegedly “anti black”. Whilst we are not in the position to comment, this article at Alternet may well be the start of an interesting debate
Blogging While Anti-Black | AlterNet
“Imagine if there were a website where you could vicariously cruise the halls of power in New York and DC via deliciously campy witticisms about the gossip and gaffes that plague powerful media moguls, real estate barons, and politicos that delight the reader in ways that can only be described with overused nihilistic German words…Gawker and Wonkette exemplify the growing phenomenon of white hipsters adopting a casual racism. Is it any wonder so many still feel blogging’s a white man’s sport?”

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  • this isn’t the start of an interesting debate, it’s a dumb, biased slur. please link to more interesting content.

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