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Is the Hot Abercrombie Chic a hoax?

Is the Hot Abercrombie Chic a hoax?

Julia Set is reporting a hot tip that Hot Abercrombie Chic Amanda Doerty is a hoax and is really a bloke capitalising on cute pictures of his girlfriend. Overstated is backing the claims with analysis that he/ she has been gaming Blogdex by posting to sites that post their most recent comments on their front page, a text book trick for raising popularity in the Blogosphere.

Wizbang is begging to differ, stating it is all a case of petty jealousy. Either way the site has been a phenomenal success and any site with over 100 comments to a particular post is doing extremely well.

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  • In former communications with HAC I found that she was a student at Vassar. In a search for Amanda Doety, on the Vassar site, I could not find her mentioned.

    I first met Amanda Doerty on a website, US Military Singles. Never heard anything back. Then months later her site was posted on fark and she had the same photos on US Military Singles, as her personal blog.

    This is a very curious and funny mystery to me right now. I’m definately going to see what’s going on.

  • Amanda isn’t the hoax. It’s the idiot impersonating her that is. The idiot is probably some disgruntled ex that has nothing better to do than ruin this girl’s reputation and get himself caught by people that actually have a brain.

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