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Is Twitter Helping Blogging?

Is Twitter Helping Blogging?

VentureBeat runs a story on author Scott Rosenberg who says that Twitter has set blogging free. Or, more precisely:

“Blogging has always had this word ‘trivial’ hung from its neck,” Rosenberg said. “Twitter has finally liberated blogging from that, from all these charges from the media, all these dismissive putdowns of trivialities.”

It’s an interesting thought, the notion that the blog bashers have moved to Twitter. What do you think, is Twitter helping traditional blogging in this way?

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  • There’s a temptation for Twitter to steal some of the thunder of more traditional blogging. And in my own case, I find myself sometimes Twittering rather than blogging, which can be kinda counterproductive to maintaining a steady flow of new content on the blog.

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