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Is Your Blog Ready For Internet Explorer 8?

Is Your Blog Ready For Internet Explorer 8?

Microsoft released the first release candidate of their web browser, Internet Explorer 8, today. This means that they’re not too far from releasing it to the public. If you run a self-hosted blog, you should download the release candidate to make sure that everything works as intended. If not, try and fix it.

More on Techmeme, the official IEBlog, and the overview sheet posted.

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  • Hopefully mine will work fine without problems, but we all know how IE is, especially new releases with all the bugs. Nice Post

  • Mine mostly work, although the browser is still slow compared to Firefox, Chrome, etc.

    BTW, you forgot to mention their Twitter account: @IE (yes, its really them).

  • No easy way to test it as I don’t have access to a Windows-based development environment at present. I just hope that Microsoft has seen fit to adhere to web standards as closely as possible.

  • You already know there are going to be a bunch of updates and fixes even if they worked on this thing for another decade before release. Haven’t tested it with my apps etc. yet but I think it’ll be satisfactory. My only concern are any security breaches before they get it all straightened out. This digi security site covers that though which is good.

  • uhmmm the problems is not the blogs, the problem its the IE8…who came first..the blogs or IE8?

  • i am a firefox user more than an internet explorer user but it seems that Internet explorer 8 is very stable and it its loading time for webpages is faster too.

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