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It’s a Little Too Cozy in the Blogosphere

It’s a Little Too Cozy in the Blogosphere

A interesting, albeit cynical piece from Jennifer Howard at the Washington Post on the blogoshpere and discovering new blogs
It’s a Little Too Cozy in the Blogosphere | Washington Post
“A year ago, I barely knew what blogs were. Within a few months, they’d become a staple of my daily media diet. Now I can’t live without them, but already I’m feeling betrayed — and a little bored”

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  • You know, I say this with affection, because I knew Jennifer Howard in college and she is a wonderful person, but if she’s getting a little bored with the blogs she’s been reading, she could either try a little harder to find new voices instead of running around the same track that is feeling stale to her right now, or – wait for it… – she could start her own blog and write unboring stuff there to improve the flavor of the literary microblogosphere.

  • Without knowing Jennifer at all :) …
    I’ll say she’s wrong. The Blogosphere is an absolute meritocracy, measured in the currency of traffic. Interesting new bloggers come up all the time. Look at “Allah.” Of course, with so many very good, well-established blogs, it’s tricky to get known. But that’s just reality, not some “in-kids” dynamic.

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