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JackAss media goes from the sublime to the ridiculous

JackAss media goes from the sublime to the ridiculous

We already know that JackAss Media, the company formerly known as Pajama’s and Open Source media are suffering an implosion, , but their latest efforts at “Blogjamming” (I kid you not) make it seem more like they’ve been drinking the water from the Songhua River in China and are now suffering benzene poisoning.

This is part of the comment thread from their “blogjam” on their problems with their name:

#12 Glenn Reynolds at November 24, 2005 12:15 PM

By the way, In the true spirit of bloggy multitasking, I’€™ve got the laptop on the deck, where I’€™m searing my legs of lamb on the grill as we do this! The smell is already good enough to be distracting,.

#18 Tammy Bruce at November 24, 2005 12:23 PM

And Glenn, having my new Powerbook on my thighs this whole time makes me understand more what it’€™s like to be in a tanning booth, but without getting the tan.

#21 Tammy Bruce at November 24, 2005 12:25 PM

However, this will be the first ime in ages where I’€™ll be wearing anything that resembles a dress. I cannot speak for the rest of the blogjammers’€¦Gentlemen?

#22 Glenn Reynolds at November 24, 2005 12:26 PM

Broadcasting from a bathrobe! I like it! It’€™s certainly better than the OSM logo.

#24 Clifford May at November 24, 2005 12:28 PM

I’€™m at parents house in Florida (where else?) wearing shorts and a T-shirt that says in English and Arabic: ‘€œWho’€™s Your Baghdaddy?’€?

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At least, I think that’€™s what it says in Arabic. For all I know it could say: ‘€œI’€™m an infidel, kick me.’€? How would I know?

#30 Tammy Bruce at November 24, 2005 12:34 PM

LOL Cliff!

You can here the VC money being shredded from even here in Western Australia, cant you!

(via Go Flock Yourself)

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  • I’m not even sure why you are criticizing their efforts. They created a network of right-minded political bloggers. They decided on using the name “Open Source Media”, but then some bloggers starting claiming foul because someone copyrighted the term “open source media” which in itself should be a crime!

    Their network of blogs is no different than yours Duncan. We had to put up with “marriage” analogies a month ago between B5media and About Blogs.

  • I too don’t see the reasoning why you’re criticizing them so much, Duncan.

    I think it’s a bit rich seeing you yourself are part of a b/network – and the way you use Jackass Media says more about you more than anything else.

    Yes, they royally screwed with their name … but who hasn’t screwed up.

    I’d hate to see b5 lose any credibility because of postings like this – just smacks of vindictiveness for some reason.

  • Duncan doesn’t publish my news anymore, either, since he started blogging for money, even when it’s blog-related news. It’s funny how people change.

    I think Pajamas Media is a great blog-media experiment and I look forward to seeing it take off. Kudlow’s Money Politics blog is one of my favorites for reading about the U.S. economy, and he is a part of the Pajamas Media network. They also have some other very talented bloggers on their team, as well. Once they launch they will be a blog-force to be reckoned with, which is probably what some of the other blog-media networks are concerned about.


  • Yeah, I think the time has come now when we have to cut all this crap going around blog networks.

    Blog Networks are there to make money – Full Stop! That’s fair enough.

    What isn’t good is the ongoing bickering/vindictiveness (hidden behind “what, all I’m doing is commenting” posts) that seems to be happening all too frequently by various network owners.

    I think it high time other bloggers start asking the hard questions of these people who constantly “attack” other networks … which at the end of the day, only benefits their own networks.

    Now of course, I will be shouted down as being full of crap myself – but to me, you can’t have it both ways: You can’t be an independent commenter on all things blogging and a blog owner and expect nothing to change.

    You either got to step back and be a blog network owner or think of the perception your views will attain via your posting.

  • Hey people, calm down, chill out, I’ll repost in under Satire if it will help. Read what I told the press recently about what I think about their idea, I praised it alot, but there are some fundamental flaws in their management, like being able to use Google to make sure you’ve got an original name, and you’ve got to recognise that the comment thread used here on what is a serious subject is…well…beyond a joke. Again, essentially the idea is sound!

    I’m not not featuring you, and I do read your emails and posts as I do for a lot of other people. You will get a run, and to suggest otherwise because of b5media is a bit harsh, just as its a bit harsh to say that this post reflects badly on b5media. I’ve always been opinionated on topics and I have no intention on toning down my opinions just because of b5media or any other organisation, indeed although I respect that people may not always agree with me (and they often don’t) I still would rather be honest as opposed to some corporate suck-hole who cosies up to all and sundry: sorry folks, that’s just me, and subtlety isn’t one of my strong points :-)

  • Thank you so much, commenters, for pointing out Duncan’s inane hypocrisy. The new blog venture seems to have brought out the green-eyed monster and most childish elements in some people, even those already part of a blog venture of their own!

  • I think Duncan has been reading my postings to much. Or maybe I have been reading his to much. Either way. It’s hilarious. He is not hurting B5’s reputation. Back off before I sick Mr. Smith on all of you.

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