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Jailed Blogger Finally Sees Family

Jailed Blogger Finally Sees Family

One minute you’re typing, the next you’re in jail. That’s the case of Nay Phone Latt, a Myanmar blogger who has been sitting in jail after the military government caught wind of his alleged “illegal online activities.” The ruling junta regulates the Internet to block Websites it deems subversive. This includes mandating that all Internet cafes verify users’ personal information and employ regular screen captures on every computer.

Nay could be looking at six months of jail time.

Whether you refer to the region as Burma or Myanmar, one thing is clear, political turmoil is heating up.

Details on why Nay was arrested are sketchy. Supposedly, his open views on an electricity shortage and the swelling cost of living, upset the government.

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It might sound lame, but wherever you are blogging from, take a moment to appreciate the democracy that most of us are fortunate enough to live under.

You can view Nay’s blog here, but the majority of it is not in English. Even if I can’t read the words, I support his right to speak freely – regardless of what he has to say.

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