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Japanese cat’s blog gets 50,000 hits a day

Japanese cat’s blog gets 50,000 hits a day

Forget thinking that you’re in the wrong job — I think I’m the wrong creature.

According to reports, stray turned celebrity cat Hatch-chan has his own Japanese blog which has built up a following of some 50,000 every day.

Granted, human intervention by his photographer owners was required to catapult him to stardom, but that’s a pretty impressive statistic for the blog of any life form.

Working the social networks to promote him, his owners now have pretty business-savvy merchandising skills. Hatch-chan tends to do more than your average feline, too, including touring department stores, meeting fans, or recording TV shows.

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Hatch-chan’s blog (Japanese) via InventorSpot

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  • I…don’t even know what to say to that. I know someone whose dog has his own blog, but 50k visitors a day is just insane.

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