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Jason Leopold’s Bulls&@t busted in public (and the post I didn’t write today)

Jason Leopold’s Bulls&@t busted in public (and the post I didn’t write today)

About a month ago, we wrote a post entitled ‘How to lose credibility in 48 hours’ where we opined that it was time for Truthout Jouranalist Jason Leopold to start acting like a journalist.. and do some things like getting real sources for stories.

See, Leopold was insistent that he had the inside scoop and that Karl Rove, Deputy Chief of Staff at the White House, would be indicted.

Except he wasn’t.

Even as recently as Monday.. i.e. yesterday, Leopold was insisting that Rove would be indicted. In fact, in his post yesterday talked on and on about a “Sealed v. Sealed” indictment that “might” be the Rove indictment.

I did a search of the federal courts index which I happen to have access to and couldn’t find a Sealed v. Sealed case with the dates or case number that Leopold wrote about. And that was the post that I had planned on writing today.

Instead, the world got to see the destruction of what was left of Jason Leopold’s credibility:

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Top White House aide Karl Rove has been told by prosecutors he won’€™t be charged with any crimes in the investigation into the leak of a CIA officer’€™s identity, his lawyer said Tuesday, lifting a heavy burden from one of President Bush’€™s most trusted advisers.

I’ll go back to what I wrote last month:

If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger – then be a serious blogger. Find good sources, get others to corroborate their stories, and then post them. After all, that’€™s what real journalists do.

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  • I find it simply amazing that the White House trick of weaving off the misdeed by focusing discussions on the media’s misreporting to distract the public from its criminal conduct still works after 6 years.

    Jason Leopold published the Rove indictment story and I listened to Chris Matthews, and David Schuster say Rove would definitely be arrested probably that weekend, over and over as well.

    While I would think stories about Judy Miller writing lies upon lies about WMDs in Iraq in order to instigate a senseless war might warrant calling her a liar again and again, but that did not happen.

    That Rove sleazed out of the indictment in some way is surely not surprising. Because the Republicans control every branch of government this has become standard operating procedure with the Bush administration.

    Again and again, they do whatever they please and walk away unpunished and that is the story.

    We spent 10s of millions of dollars to find out what we knew to begin with when the investigation began, while the White House played a cat and mouse game with our tax dollars.

    The story is that the President and Vice President of the United States and their gang of underlings disclosed the identity of a CIA agent working on WMDs, who was a 20 year career employee, at a time of war when the administration took this country to war under the fraudulent excuse of ridding Iraq of WMDs that never existed.

    And it was done to retaliate against her husband for making allegations against the administration that were true.

    People need to think about how this situation looks like to the rest of the civilized world and to current and future intelligence agents.

    Reports by Jason Leopold, Chris Matthews and David Schuster about Rove’s imminent arrest are not the story; the blatant illegal conduct by traitors in the highest level of our government is the story.

    If we want to focus on lies that harmed us lets rehash all the lies force-fed to us by the media that got us into a war where our young people are still being slaughtered day in and day out.

    Those reporters are worthy of the attention as well as the title of liars.

    Evelyn Pringle

  • Jason Leopold is a dishonest reporter who happens to write a blog style journal. That’s the story here for me. I have no comment on the rest other than to say that in the end, Rove was investigated by a special prosecutor who chose not to seek an indictment of him. I trust Patrick Fitzgerald’s judgement in this matter.


  • Why everyone is willing to trash Leopold before we have yet heard from anyone other than Luskin, I cannot fathom. This looks like typical Bush White House Getting Away With Murder shenanigans. This administration is a proven gang of criminals, with more money than God at their disposal~why would we not assume first that they have lied and paid their way out of an indictment. The Washington Post, The New York Times, (Judith Miller), CNN, are all discredited news organizations complicit in the take down of our country, complicit in sending our country to war, complicit in burying real news, complicit in impeaching a president over sexual indiscretions, and now like the snotty vicious characters in Lord of the Flies, sadistically pummeling Mr. Leopold as they did Howard Dean over exuberance, John Kerry over integrity, John Murtha over resisting going along with the most obscene war in history. A whole new breed of sheeple has erupted in the world of journalism~perhaps we can invite Colbert to a Trash Jason Leopold Luncheon, $500 a plate, proceeds to be donated to the GOP, but hopefully served another acid take on the dumbasses too mentally stingy to do more than pile on an obviously gifted investigative reporter. This has to be the darkest hour in western journalism ever..the American people have been abandoned by the 4th estate, and we flounder closer and closer to total fascism. Rove deserves indictment, and I still pray, he will be.

  • I trash Leopold because he’s full of shit.

    I have no comment on the rest of this. Leopold didn’t have these sources – or those sources were lying to him. Or worse, he made the whole thing up.

    I dunno.

    You have some secret evidence that shows that Rove is guilty?

    Wanting him to be guilty isn’t the same thing as him actually being guilty. Be careful that you’re not showing your own biases.


  • Rather than questioning my yes, obvious bias, I seek to question yours, which can only be a cowardly retreat along with the MSM lemmings, and now, the apparently pompous Kos. Think for yourself. William Pitt was one of the very first defenders of this democracy when the coup in Florida went down, and Truthout has been indispensible in keeping us informed ever since, and they stand by Jason’s story..see Marc Ashe’s most recent post last evening..what is your proof that Jason Leopold is full of shit? You are going to defend a paper that calls up a journalist’s drug use, to invalidate his work?How Rovian! Who amongst us hasn’t done drugs at this point that isn’t under a year old..the entire country is dosed up, on one substance or another,legal or otherwise…the otherwise apparently more harmful in most cases..What are YOUR motives for willingly trashing a story that has not as yet been disproved, merely on the word of Karl Rove’s lawyer? What is the basis of your convictions? Yes I’m biased..I would sit knitting in the front row like Madame LaFarge and pleasurably watch the entire parade of Christian Soldiers and Corporate Thieves tried, convicted, imprisoned for life, and all assets seized and returned to the coffers they were stolen from, AFTER a lightening tour of their chain of torture chambers throughout the world Where they might sample some of their nasty techniques of rendering confessions from mostly innocent bystanders snatched up by their willing mercenaries…yes I am biased. I am not a reporter, I am a citizen, unwilling to roll over with no evidence other than opinion, and give up hoping that these bastards will one day reap what they’ve sown.What is YOUR bias…relief? Rove is a darling and good for America, and Plame’s outting is nada,Joe Wilson is a publicity monger, and you hope you will get to have a seat in the bunker along with the chosen ones? I don’t think so. Wake up and die right’re following..we don’t need any more of those.

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