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Jeremy Wright seeking investors for undisclosed opportunity

Jeremy Wright seeking investors for undisclosed opportunity

Jeremy Wright from and (of who’s stock market competition I failed to win) is seeking $5,000 for a “an interesting opportunity” that has come his way. From experience I’d suggest that whatever it is that it would have to have a pretty good chance of success if Jeremy is involved, although like all investments, to quote Jeremy, “it carries risk (and due diligence), but like all investments we’€™d be looking at a reward”.

One to look out for, what ever it is.

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  • I have a hard time believeing that someone “successful” can’t come up with 5K themselves. I don’t even consider myself to be successful, and 5K is a drop in the bucket for any “interesting opportunity.” If you need to raise 5K, you shouldn’t be given 5K.

  • To be fair I’d scrape to get $5k together as well for a new project, although I have an excuse and that’s because I’m building a house, the most amazing bottomless pits of money on the face of the planet. Remember though that Jeremy has a family and kids are another extremely expensive habit as well, I’d reckon I’d spen 10 to 1 more on clothes for my son than I do on me for example.

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