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Jeremy Wright to launch new blogging venture

Jeremy Wright to launch new blogging venture

Jeremey Wright of, most famous for selling his blogging services on eBay and being deported from the US because the border guard didn’t believe that blogging can be a profession, is looking for bloggers to take part in a new blog related venture.

Whilst Wright has not disclosed details of the new venture, comments made by him at his site would suggest that he is seeking bloggers who are able to provide paid seminars, teaching sessions or something similar. At this stage he is seeking speakers on professional blogging, time management and business blogging, and is promising high hourly rates. Given his Canadian location and an information seminar being held by Wright next week it is likely that applications are limited to Canadians in Wright’s immediate vacinity. Apply at the site.

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  • Just a note, that my post was poorly worded. I’m looking for ANY subject matter experts. I happen to have 3 (one in each of the above areas) already. Blogging-related experts are preferred, though not required. And people from anywhere are more than welcome.

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