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Jerusalem To Host The Biggest Travel Blogging Event In The World

Jerusalem To Host The Biggest Travel Blogging Event In The World


Jerusalem will host one of the biggest events for the travel blogging industry in the world. The Travel Blog Exchange Conference will be held in March 2017 and thousands of bloggers, online travel journalists, new media content creators, travel brands and industry professionals will travel Israel’s most noted city.

The city won the bid to host the event after 21 travel bloggers visited the city to see if it was a good fit for the professionals to network and learn together. The group visited old city locations, as well as the famous Machne Yehuda Market. The bloggers were able to experience firsthand how misunderstood Israel was and were able to share their experiences through their social media audiences.

Even though the contract has been signed, many are wondering if the city can handle such a large event. Some argue Jerusalem was chosen simple because of the hype and curiosity.

However, the bloggers that went on the pre-trip explain that they would be crazy to not choose this one of a kind city.

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Jerusalem first-timer Olga Rabo of The Russian Abroad said the city didn’t have to put so much effort to impress. “It has everything for you to work with history, the colours, the food, the atmosphere — Jerusalem, and Israel as a whole has a lot of touristic potential despite the small size. I was happy to get a sneak peak into the Israeli culture to educate myself a little, and of course, to meet all the amazing people that were on the trip with me.”

You can read more about the ongoing discussions and bloggers’ reactions on the Jerusalem Post’s blog.

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