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Jimmy Fallon is Webby Person of the Year

Jimmy Fallon is Webby Person of the Year

fallonThe Webby Awards winners were revealed today in a wide range of categories, including websites, online film and video, interactive advertising, and mobile websites.

Webby Person of the Year goes to Jimmy Fallon who broke new ground by using the Internet to hone his late-night-hosting chops before the TV launch of his talk show. He became one of the most ardent online evangelists interacting with fans through his blog and Twitter, inviting feedback on his skits, and even hosting a contest that allowed fans to select the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon logo.

As expected, Webby Breakout of the Year goes to Twitter, which has grown by 900% in the last year alone.

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A full list of winners can be found at

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  • In honor of those who have elevated the Twitterscape, I wrote “Twas The Night I Joined Twitter.”

    My congrats to all those who did this elevating (aka Mr. Fallon et al) and those who will continue to do said elevating in the future!

    Mike Vardy

  • Wow, I have been reading everywhere about this new concept Twitter, I have not tried it out but it looks as though everyone is using it even famous people, but there have been comments elsewhere mentioning that people still prefer Face book.

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