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JK Rowling Joins Twitter, Won’t Use It Much

JK Rowling Joins Twitter, Won’t Use It Much

Another celebrity is joining Twitter, this time it is the author of the Harry Potter books, JK Rowling. However, her three tweets tells us we won’t be getting much insight to her life as an author.

The first tweet:

I am told that people have been twittering on my behalf, so I thought a brief visit was in order just to prevent any more confusion!

The comes this, split in two:

However, I should flag up now that although I could twitter endlessly, I’m afraid you won’t be hearing from me very often as pen and paper is my priority at the moment

140 characters is obviously not enough for Rowling. That doesn’t stop her from having over 50,000 followers (and following exactly 0 people) though. Maybe she’ll get bitten by the Twitter bug in the future, but I’m guessing not.

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Follow @jk_rowling if you will.

Hat tip: Telegraph

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