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John McCain’s Daughter Starts Blog

John McCain’s Daughter Starts Blog

Meghan McCain’s blog is not your typical politico destination. Rather, it’s an insightful look at John McCain’s family, offering a glimpse at the life of a senior citizen making a run at the White House.

Comedian Bill Maher once joked (and I’m paraphrasing): “If Barack Obama is YouTube, John McCain is feeding tube.”, started by the Senator’s 23-year-old daughter, is designed to help debunk popular opinion that McCain is out of touch with young voters.

The blog states that its “musings and pop culture on the political trail.” But you won’t find opinions on policies in Iraq or battles over universal healthcare. Rather, you’ll just find candid behind-the-scenes stories and photos. Plus, you’ll find out what the potential first daughter is listening to on her iPod: The Fratellis and Arctic Monkeys, in case you were interested.

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There are lots of videos too. Given that many voters base their decision on personality, the blog is one of the many Web tools that the candidates have employed so far during election ’08. Meghan isn’t polished and perfect, and never tries to be. And that’s exactly the goal.

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  • As I wrote today in the blog referenced above, it has come to my attention that is for sale. In my own blog, I have made a call to action to rectify this. I truly feel that it is imperative for this site to be used for the Senator’s benefit. By not doing so we are only feeding the speculations that Senator McCain is out of touch with the younger generation. This generation gets most of its news from the internet and we cannot allow this oversight to continue.
    I respond here in the hopes of getting the attention of those who make these types of decisions for the Senator’s campaign. I feel sure that once this information is in their hands they will be able to rectify the situation and it will be one more step in the Senator’s path to the White House.

  • I am so dissappointed in McCain’s ads, they are lies, childish and more demeaning to him. He said he would not run that kind of campaign but it makes him look desperate to try anything to win. Well, why not try addressing the real issues intelligently, honestly. I do believe he is too old for such a stressful and demanding position and this helps prove it. We have had one president that was not intellectually up to the job, we certainly don’t need another and too old to boot! Also, where were his conservative values when he cheated on wife number 1 with wife number 2, there ought to be an ad on that!

  • In my opinion, I think Meghan should advise his father for a better life, which i to retire from politics and rest. He had served the counrty enough and has a single mentality of fighting all the time than selling himelf.

    Politics and campaign are not all about propaganda like in war situation. May be he has lost all strategies thats the reason he keep on attacking Obama in all his campaign rally in the other way campaigning for the young man. He should wave away envy and jealousy he has on the youngman’s ability to address the public and his listeners.

    Obama has new agenda than your dad. Americans need a change and change is permanent. Let him try something else, not presidency.

    The early he is advice on this better for him

  • Palin should resign given the latest news about her daughter. She should not let this to become an issue in the campaign.

  • I support John Mccain and Sara Palin. It’s time that the people in America wake up. I’m so thankful that there are some Christian Americans in this country that aren’t afraid to stand up and vote for a man to lead this country that truly has Judea Christian values. It’s not for me or any other person to judge Mr. Mccain or Mrs. Palin for any mistakes that they have made in their personal lives, that is up to the good Lord to judge. If people in America really want to see change it’s acheivable if they start putting their faith in God and start supporting people that believe in God. If this country keeps supporting people that has values and beleifs that God hates this country will continue to suffer from all the plagues and diseases, famines and weather disturbances that we see happening. God will have mercy on his people if they turn to him and repent and pray. I believe that John Mccain and Sara Palin are God fearing people and they have the right moral values to lead this country. Anybody that is a Christian could not and would not support Mr. Obama bcause based on his own comments he’s not a Christian man. If anyone believes that then they should read the Holy Bible, they would read that anyone that supports or beleives anything other than what it is written in that book is against God. Therefore they can not be a Christian. If anyone wants to challenge this I suggest that they should read the Bible.

  • Mc kelvey, if You think you know Bible, you are wrong. Does pregnancy outside marriage Biblical? What are you talking about. Judging from Christianity angle do you think you are more chritain than Obama?

    Funication is a sin and is not condone by God. Let me tell you in a true Church before any leadership is given to any person, His family must be scrutunized. Your ability to bring up your family in a christain way goes a long way to determine if you can lead brethren to the right way.

    Do not bring issue of religion here. This is as good as racism. With christain tag does not make you good leader but its all about practicing real christainity.

    What Americans want now is a way forward. Not what Bush has done to this COUNTRY or his disciples want to do. American econmy is getting down the drain due to Bush’s decisions and McCain’s 90% supports.

    McCain is old enough to retire than wasting his time in politics. Palin issue is something he would have discovered before picking her. He could not mention (DOES NOT KNOW) number of houses he has. He vowed to follow Osama Bin Laden to the gate of hell while he could not follow him to the caves. Its high time we knew that McCain is out of track and we cant continue like this. Despite his mistakes, he keep on lying to us that McCain knew that Palin’s daughter was pregnant before picking her. If truely he knew, he wouldn’t try to have second look at her because it will impact negatively to him. Men wake up.

    America econmy need to be restored back to how Clinton left it and more. Stop being childish

  • Whatever the outcome of the McCain/Palin campaign into the White House, We as fellow Americans need to band together and give support. There are both positive and negative aspects of both parties running. Wouldn’t it be great if the US could have all powerful men and women sit together and make the USA powerful, respected and Loved once again !

  • Good Evening, currently I am watching Senator McCains speech to America. I am a Haitian-American Democrat. I am 32 years and unemployed because it is so hard for me to get a teaching position in Gwinnett County. What will Senator McCain and Governor Palin do for me. Now I heard all of her attacks on Barack Obama and former Mayor Giluani; I think they were harsh, disgresful, and very out of touch because not once, not once did they mention the problem with the economy, unemployment, and current Americans problems. And yes, as former Governor Mike Huckabee said, he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth niether was I, but I did move out from Brooklyn and looked for a better way of life for me and my husband and my son. In which we did, but with the rise of gas, food, and everything else…WE CANNOT AFFORD NOTHING, ZAP, ZERO – Now that is not asking the government to help…then who do we turn too????????

  • After McCain speech last night, I concluded that he did not and will not get it.

    Physical war is never the only way to solve problem of terrorism. American have spent good seven years in Afhganistan looking for one man. Still McCain is encouraging this ”physical war”. A good warrior adopts strategies in a war front, that is what Obama is talking about and that makes him a warrior. At least dialogue and cordial realtionships initiatives come first before considering physical war.

    McCain had never faught a war and win. To be truthfull, Americans lost severely during Vietenam war and still loosing in this pursuit of Osama bin Laden. McCain was and is involve and he never win, so what has he achieved? nothing than self ego that amounts to nothing.

    McCain looks more of a man that follows his mind irrespective of what the people of America wants. He keep on saying all is well when all is not well just to achieve his personal goal instead of the Country. What makes up the country, is it not people? Ther is no country without people.

    Americans wants total change. They want war that fights against unemployment not fear, war against poverty not fear, war against poor quality education not fear and war against inernational enemity not fear.

    McCain dont get it at all.

  • I don’t know who, actually, is supporting a junior Senator against, yes, against, a tried and true United States Purple Heart recipient. If this is, indeed, just a race case, everybody better wake up in a hurry. The sorry state of the economy was inherited from the genius former Democratic President, Bill Clinton, who refinanced the American debt repeatedly into short-term investments, so it would look like he was doing a fantastic job, when in reality, he has indebted us all and sold us out. Older Americans, regardless of race or color, are the majority in this country. Wake up now! If the other candidate was more qualified, and he is not, this wouldn’t be an issue. Apparently, as smart and hip as we think we are, we’re not. Get real, folks, before it’s all gone. Oh, and you stupid corporations that think you can keep exporting jobs and reaming America–same to you. Don’t think you aren’t responsible for this catastrophe as well.

  • Charles Akwarandu ,

    Ms.Mckelvey does know her Bible and you’d do wise no not compare religion with racism. People like you smurk and frown upon the name of God and religion, but yet have the nerve to quote what the Bible does or doesn’t say. Since you obviously haven’t read it, how would you know?
    However, that’s not the reason I’m writing. What do you propose we do with terrorist? Give them a hug and invite them in for tea? What planet are you from?????? What would you know about the Vietnam war? Are you not sitting here because thousands of those that came before you died so that you could have your freedom? NOT just a hundred, hundreds of thousands. Perhaps a history lesson is in order, but you won’t get it here. What do you think those people died for? You think you living in America came without a price? You’d be up the Delaware without a paddle if George Washington has decided that “we dont need war, there’s other ways to solve this”. GIVE ME A BREAK. Where in GOD’s name do people like you come from?? 911, do you remember that? Whether they find Osama or not is beside the point. The point is, there’s thousands more just like him out there. They aren’t coming to our country to sit and have tea.
    You people that belly ache about Bush. Did it ever occur to anyone that congress consist of more Democrats than Republicans. Yea, that’s right. YET, everyone wants to blaim Bush for every decision that comes straight out of Washington, but yet, elect another Democrat that wants to open the borders, kill the military bases, take your guns, and leave you like sitting ducks. Why don’t we just send Osama Bin Laden a invitation in the mail. Have we not learned anything from 911. Sure were plenty of people crying out to GOD then, huh Charles. Oh, no, but lets keep GOD’s name out of schools, let’s remove “In God We Trust” off our money, let’s ban the name of GOD in public, lets put down “OLD GRAY HAIRED MEN” that fought for you so you can sit back and ridicule. Let us look upto Bill Clinton. After all, we should forget that he was caught in the Oval Office with his pants down. What a legacy for our children. Talk about on the job training for Monica. Yea, let’s all bow a knee to Bill because the economy was strong when he was President. Let’s forget how we got here and let’s forget the little “gray haired old men” that gave their life for you are now considered ready for the nearest nursing home. Let’s change our National Anthem to the United States of Whiners. You ungratful snibbling snotty nose little brat.

    Susan Davis

  • Camille frances,

    And you know all these things about John McCain because……….???? Why don’t you enlighten us on how you personally became so familiar with McCain that you know these things to be fact. As far as Obama goes, I’ll bet that John McCain has a real certificate, not some birth certificate that bears the name of his half-sister.

    Susan Davis

  • This is to Camille Frances, I bet you you are white right. This comment is only a racist comment and you just cannot handle a black man will be the next president

  • Oh, the race card. Please! Funny you’re the first to throw “race” into the conversation. If I had my way about it, I would put Colin Powel on the ticket. Don’t throw race issues around. Some of us value people for what they are, not their skin color.


  • Susan Davis

    I can understand why you are fighting like a wild bull and calling names. It seems you are in the same shoes with Palin’s teenage daughter? Am sorry.

    You know what, you cant run away from the truth and no matter how you insults people your conscience will keep on be after you.

    “You ungratful snibbling snotty nose little brat”. Are you sure u said this to your fellow human being?

  • Yes, I did say this to you and I’ll say it again. You didn’t answer the question. What do we do with terrorist? I don’t know how old you are, but many of us can remember exactly where we were and exactly what we were doing when 911 hit. I also remember very well people jumping from as high as the 50th floor. How many of us witnessed some of our service men beheaded on national television? Remember the chant of the terrorist after watching the destruction on 911? The exact chant was; “death to America, death to America” as they danced in the streets and cheered. I also remember their OWN WORDS as they danced in the streets and burnt the American flag; “we will destroy America from the inside out”. Isn’t that beautiful? These people literally hate America.

    Yes, let’s be cordial to these terrorists. I will give Bush that much. He didn’t sit around with his fingers up his nose. He did what any good President would have done. He defended the country. What was he supposed to do? Throw a party. Many of us lost someone we loved on 911. Please do not talk to us about “there’s a better way to handle this, and let’s all just be friends”. It’s simply too bad that it takes war to defend yourself, but that’s just the way it is. You don’t befriend the enemy, and I won’t vote for Obama because his way of dealing with terrorist is the same as yours; open the borders, get rid of military bases, increase your taxes to fund a medical system that is going to bankrupt this country, and send even more jobs oversees. Now, I’m sorry If I offended you because that was not my intent, but I don’t agree that there’s a NICE way to deal with terrorist.


  • You go “Girl”!!!! (Susan Davis) She’s right everyone likes to play the blame game. Everyone wants to blame Mr. Bush but everyone has forgotten what Mr.Clinton done before leaving office. The bottom line is Mr. Mccain and Mrs. Palin are more qualified for the job. I’ve tried listening to Barack Obama and I still haven’t figured out what he’s trying to say. I think he honestly doesn’t have any idea how to run this country.
    As far as the previous comments I made. I am a Christian and I would like to see a president elected that shares my beleifs. As for you Mr. Akwarandu, have you ever read the bible? Have you ever sinned? Maybe you should read the bible so that you would be justified in challenging someone else about it’s content. Oh, and if Senator Obama is the definition of a Christian then I don’t want to be one.
    This country needs change alright. They need to get back to the way our country was governed by it’s founding fathers. But obviously people like you would prefer a “Worldly leader” that will just tickle your ears, not someone who has a fear of God that wants to truly lead our country for the good of the people not just for his career.

  • Well, I found this quite interesting. Apparently, Obama may not be US Citizen. He apparently was served with papers filed by an attorney and a Hillary supporter, on Sept 4th. Fascinating reading. Appears someone made the connection between Obama’s birth certificate and

  • Dear Stephanie,

    I applaud your response. What you said is so very true. All this just proves where the American heart really is. They don’t want truth. It’s just too easy to play the blame game without getting the facts. Look who Hillary panders too. People as empty and devoid of conscience as she is. Her and Bill better make a fast work of enjoying the life they live right now at America’s expense because there won’t be any mansions for them where they’re going. Their only heaven is the one they’ve created for themselves right here on earth. I will pray, and you do the same, that America will wake up before its too late. You know, there’s lot to said about prayer. I don’t do it nearly enough, but that is our ONLY hope. We can’t change the heart of men, nor can we change human nature, but the Bible does say, when two gather together…………..


  • Bottom Line…The republicans have trashed the USA for the last 8 years and Lied us into an unnecesssary WAR. Why should anyone vote for more of the same…….Are you people on Drugs? Lying seems to be the new slogan of the Republican Party. Vote Republican….McLiars

  • Dear Bill,

    We said, “911, We Will Never Forget”. Have you forgotten already? Are you on drugs??? Hey, I can appreciate how you feel. Honestly, I do. But who left the legacy for Americans and Bush to deal with???? Why didn’t Clinton deal with Obama on the numerous occasation where he had the opportunity to do so; The first bombing of the twin towers, the USS Cole, the repeated threats from Osama wayyyyyy before they were carried out. And You want MORE Clinton????

    Unnecessary war???? What we’re we to do after 911? Bill, no one likes war. War brings casualties, but where would we be as a country without the wars we’ve fought? The United States would not be the United States. To say that Bush caused a un-neccessary war with Obama is slap in the face to the many that lost people on 911.
    America’s next threat of terrorism won’t be 2 jets flying into the twin towers, and 2 more headed for the Pentagon. It will be bioterrorism. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. We’re talking thousands of lives here. Perhaps you’re not aware that the world as a whole is watching this election very close and Obama has almost 100% approval rating from among them. I will not vote for a man/woman who wants to open our borders, close military bases, befriend the very people that hate us and plan on further such attacks in the future. I will vote McCain because I know he will defend out nation in crisis. It’s due to Bush that we have not had further attacks since 911. Now, I don’t agree in sending millions of dollars to other nations when we aren’t even taking care of our own, and I don’t agree with some of the current policies, and I despise corporate America, but to say that we’re in a unneccessary war due to Bush is the most rediculous thing I’ve ever heard. Bush didn’t cause 911, he simply reacted to it. Personally, I would hope you get the adminstration you want with Hillary/Obama/Biden and get a fat dose of huge taxes to feed their ego’s, open the borders of this country to more terrorist, support infantcide, and sale our country out, but I have an invested interest here because I’m an American.


  • P.S. God Bless America, and may he forgive people like you who can’t appreciate the fact that we live in the Greatest Nation on Earth, and are willing to put America up for sale.

    One of the McLiars

  • I’m (Navajo)Dineh from Northern Arizona, just one of the hundreds on people that was forced to moved from our home, in the Big Mountain Area. Mr. McCain used his power to instigate fighting (Divide and Conquer) between 2 Tribes so he and big Bush backer Peabody Coal Company, can get their spoils and Gut the earth, use the limited water that we have, to slurry coal hundreds of miles away.

    Even though we had many droughts over the years, McCain didn’t care.
    When this country needs soldiers our warriors are always there, when we come back and see our reservation and livestock dying or dead, its sad..

    Most of our Elders who only know Navajo could not believe they were going to be relocated, some were beaten, some still resist today, just a few..

    They have bulldozed our religious sites; our people have been here in the Big Mountain area and have had good relations with the Hopi tribe, now the line has been drawn between both tribes.
    With the stroke of McCain’s pen and Peabody Coal Co. People have suffered and signatures from elders were forged, most don’t write..
    You think this is a lie, because in your white mind this does not happen here, especially to the tribe that brought us the Navajo Code Talkers.. Well it did, thanks to the internet I can tell my story to the world…

    McCain called himself the Indian Agent while he was here in Arizona, well he was a Agent a Double Agent, throw money at him, he will listen to the highest bidder..

    As a SSgt. in the Marines, My thinking of McCain is if he can do this when he was here, what do you think he will do when he’s President…

    My unit doesn’t understand where I come from, I don’t care, and they can glare at me all they want….

  • There is so much information floating around the Internet, that I thought it might be a good idea to put it all in one place, so I created a blog of compiled news stories and videos about McCain and Palin. I understand there is a huge polarization against whatever party a person might be for, and I might not reach the people who really need to see this, but it is my hope that it will help the people who want to know more about McCain and Palin see the truth behind their actions, lies and distortions.

    Please check it out at

    Feel free to pass it on!

  • If McCain becomes president, and he will, because Bush needs someone like him to continue what ever mess he is got us in to or at least cover his tracks, we are going to have a World War 3. Remember my words.

    Also Israeli lobbyist (Zionists) might be to blame for world trade center. What a great reason to push America to defend it self against presumable enemy (Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine) and to help Israel win their long fought war with Arabs.

    ben laden my foot…. great story though..

    and American people are not stupid.. maybe ignorant a little they are like working bees. Working all day… and at the end of the day all they want is a little time with their family… a beer maybe… and don’t see that Bush and his administration are ruining their own country.. and McCain is just another apple from the same tree.

    Maybe this mortgage crisis and the budget deficit which will soon affect every single person in america. When Clinton was president this country had proficit in budget.What did you think? People just suddenly stopped paying for their houses?

    Nope… Bush did it. If I was any in the same room with Bush, I would just kick his ass for making his dad and brother fake the second elections, which is what they are going to do to help McCain.

    And the media ? lol I am not going to go there.

    I am done here.. Now let’s see what happens.


  • After the induction of Mrs. Sarah Palin as VP, one could forecast that Sen. John McCain is going to be just an insignificant puppet with Gov. Sarah Palin pulling the strings. It has been clearly seen that from the time Ms. Palin came under the lights, this election has turned from a Obama-McCain contest to an Obama-Palin contest. Of course Cindy will try her best to fight for Sen. McCain but it will be another losing battle. We’ll be seeing quite a few Palins frolicking on the grounds of the White House. While the Media and few important personalities from the Media are doing their best to boost up Gov. Palin’s image, we have to wonder if this is a voluntary service or a service that stems from “or else”? We also have to ask if Sen. John McCain is comfortable being a puppet? Are Sen. McCain & Cindy McCain wasting their time on the campaign trail only to be Gov. Palin’s toy puppets? After all Cindy WAS the driving force behind Sen. McCain’s campaign. Also, within 4 or 8 years we might have “President Palin”, frightening thought, don’t you think?

  • i tink y’all shd give obama a chance. if u listen to him, u’ll find he has good and sincere intention for this country. white people have been ruling wayy back. wudnt u want to find out wat a black man’s government is like??

  • Perhaps most of you missed the News tonight. The top 3 senators that gained the most from the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiasco; Democrat senator, Doug Dodd. Second senator that gained the most; Barack Obama. Now that’s real “change” isn’t it? I don’t imagine this is going to sit real well with the many that lost their homes to foreclosures. While Obama made $1000.00 a day off the deal, many were trying to figure out what they were going to do for a home. Can’t blame Bush for that. Again, who stopped every reform across the table that would have stopped the corruption and regulated (to some point) of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wall Street? 18 Democrats, 8 Republican blocked that reform because they didn’t deem it as important. Who financed our debts into short-term investments and then left us hanging with our pants down? Bill Clinton. Wonderful Democratic representation of our government, huh? Yea, lets all jump on the bandwagon and vote for a Democratic President.

    And yes Clarissa, behind every man is good woman. Woman should not sale themselves short. There’s been many fine woman that would have made good President’s, they’ve never been given the chance. It’s percieved as a “mans” job. Perhaps you and many others on the board that knock Palin, grew up in a home where a woman was to be seen and not heard, and of course a woman could’nt have an intelligent thought in her head. Yet, the world looks at people like Princess Diana, Caroline Kennedy, as icons, of a sort. They were the “strong” woman that stood behind their lying, cheating husbands. From one woman to another, you’re attitudes are repulsive and maybe you need to brush up on your skills as women.

    Obama supporters are foolish to think that he will never betray them.
    Obama was a close friend of Pastor Wright for TWENTY YEARS.
    Obama threw Wright under the bus for personal ambition.
    McCain would not betray his country even after 5 years of torture.
    You can put lipstick on a traitor, but he’s still a traitor.

  • Susan: Perhaps you miss the news every night on every channel. If you’re so in touch with woman’s rights in this country maybe you need to read up on your two little hero’s past regarding women. This actually has been a hot topic this week because Govenor Falin was asked a question about that subject yesterday and couldn’t answer it. With that said she can’t answer any question that is thrown at her without accussing them of trying to play stump the candidate. Senator McLame doesn’t know the difference between the S.E.C and the F.E.C, do you? I assume you don’t since your dumb enough to vote for these two idiots.

  • Dear Kay,

    What does women’s rights have to do with anything? And since you didn’t state what exactly you are talking about, I’m not sure what kind of response you hope to illicit. I’m not in touch with womens rights and don’t care one way or the other. What I do care about is that the women of the “women rights movement” were the very first to come out and attack Palin. The attacks and insults on her character started the very minute it was announced she was running. Perhaps you’ve missed the news this week. It’s because of many are so repulsed by the biased media regarding the coverage of Palin that they’ve boycotted NBS, CBS, CNN, and ABC. That’s never happened with a candidate. I find it quite interesting that in spite of this fact, Palin continues to draw huge amounts of support and more and more Democrats are leaving the Democratic party because the party itself is wrought with divisions, inconsistencies, and far too much liberalism for many taste. And it’s beginning to look like your party itself doesn’t know the difference betwee the S.E.C. or the F.E.C..


  • I live in Bend Oregon and I am surrounded by Demo’s its beginning to get pretty nasty. I don’t know how your dad can handle it. My thought on this banking situation is that since Iraq owes us millions why can’t we ask them and every other country that owes us to start paying back and that should end this problem. I could not find a spot to email your dad so I am trying you to ask him this. Thanks for listening. I am a dummy about computers hope you get this.

    Connie Carver

  • McCain has forgotten his own history of involvement with betrayal, deceit and corruption

    When McCain returned to the United States in 1973 after more than five years as a prisoner of war, he found his wife was a different person. Carol McCain, once a model, had been badly injured in a car wreck in 1969. The accident “left her 4 inches shorter and on crutches, and she gained a good deal of weight.” Despite her injures, she had refused to allow her POW husband to be notified about her condition, fearing that such news would not be good for him while he was being held prisoner.

    But, just a couple years later, McCain, while pondering a future in politics, met Cindy Hensley, an attractive 25-year-old woman from a very wealthy politically-connected Arizona family. While still married to Carol, McCain began an adulterous relationship with Cindy. He married Cindy in May 1980 — just a month after dumping his crippled wife and securing a divorce.

  • I had considered voting for McCain because I thought he might be able to persuade his party to understand the experts and join in seriously addressing major global crises, even though I didn’t think he was particularly insightful. Then I realized from his actions and choices that he either has no clout within the Republican Party or is only in the race for himself. Regardless of how good or decent he might think he is, I now wouldn’t dream of voting for him.

  • McCain/Palin supporter.. I voted for Mccain when I live in AZ and I have always liked him. I did get a little angry with him after the 2000 election- the fingold and kennedy bills kind of made me question the Good Senators conservative roots.. Now, Sarah Palin ROCKS and is the kind of LEADER we need… No offense to thew Good Senator- I wish it was her on the top of the ticket.. I really hope Sarah will be a VOCAL VP and spend more time taking her case to the people- especially regarding Energy independence.. The truth is Sarah Pallin energized me- but Mccain had my Vote.. I would Vote for Mickey Mouse before I voted for Barrak Husein Osama- mean Obama.. All I had to do is look at Obamas associations and that was good enough for me to FLEE FROM THAT RADICAL… Semper Fi from a good ole former Marine… God Bless you John Mccain and your family.. Will keep the Mccain and Palin family in my prayers..

  • I notice you do not post all your comments that are sent as my last one was not posted. In keeping with the theme of my previous comments I really question the Senator’s campaign advisor’s qualifications. Being a maverick is become a very worn out cliche . Hammering on Congressman Obama’s past associates is not taking our minds off the dismal economy as it is intended to do. We need a strong message as to what the Senator will do to stop the financial hemorrhaging , reign in Wall Street and punish corrupt executives. If the Senator cannot or won’t accomplish this I see no hope for our Party in November and the alternative is too scary to contemplate .
    Lawrence Bayer

  • @ Lawrence Bayer:

    Many of the comments on the Blog Herald, specifically this post, have been caught by comment spam filtering programs. Unless a comment goes against the Blog Herald comment policy, it is published if we catch it in time.

    Be sure and publish your views as well on your own blog so the world will know exactly how you feel and send your messages loud and clear, if they are important to you that they are published. We do our best, but the comment spam queue is very large daily. :D

  • Can John McCain please stop referring to the citizens of The United States of America as “his friends.” Since when and when will we ever sincerely and patently be his friends? It’s kind of like a good friend of yours calling you “boss” when he’s not really your “boss” at all. It diminishes creditability and is insincere and absolutely unnecessary. John McCain referring to citizens as “my friends” really just highlights his age and attempt to identify with the wrong generation.

  • McCain would have had my respect if his campaign didn’t pick Sarah Palin as VP. Clearly, his judgement in picking her was erratic and a ‘poor judgement’ as was evident in his involvement in the Keating Five scandal.

    Now, he and his campaign runs a deceptive and smearing race that would only cause myself and like minded-people to go against him. While our economy is in crisis and a war that’s enevitable we will win plus costly, he sends Palin out to stir people to hate or even jeopardize Obama’s well-being. It’s bad enough that we are fighting a war with another country, we don’t need another war here at home.

    Shame on McCain and shame on Palin and his campaign advisors to think they can win by smearing Obama and turning the page on the economic crisis we are dealing today!

    Desperation makes people do stupid things! McCain is obviously showing signs of desperation….


  • I keep reading over and over look at the mess Bush has done over the past 8 years but yet the majority of people in this Country elected Bush not once but twice so 4 years ago must not have been that bad. Bush didn’t cause 911 however the econmy faired pretty good in the mix of 911 and some of the natural disasters this country has endured. Its been the bias of the mainstream media that has distorted the truth.

    The economy and unemployment turned south in the last two years and guess what it has been the last two years the the Democrats have controlled congress. So all of you out there that keep saying you don’t want more of the same then you will get what you deserve when you vote a Democrate into office and keep congress as democtrate controlled as not only will you get more of the same the only changes you can expect to see will be that of sociallism. What a vision for a Free Country!

  • Sarah Palin has demonstrated that she leads and implements what is good for American. Just look at her 80 + approval rating as Alaska Governor. Trust McCain/Palin to hold those accountable who brought on the economic failure and deliver governmental change we can all prosper by.
    Obama has not proven leadership nor change. His character references and associations are radical. Only a broker or puppet of big money and power could have gotten this far. Not a background nor rise to the top that America can trust.

  • I support McCain and Palin. I have great respect for your father’s service to his country. I also appreciate would appreciate a Vice President that has come to us raw. I am so tired of the programmed and fake politics. I want real people. (A christian is not a perfect person, just one that tries to be a better person.) Her daughter became pregnant. It happens!! We say the wrong thing. It happens!! We are human beings and that is what I want the world to hear and I am tired of the perfect speech.
    I want John McCain to speak to the people and tell us how in order to increase jobs and secure our economy. We need the trickle down effect and he has to explain that we need to build our businesses back up. So that we can continue to get a paycheck that pays into taking care of those whom get free medical, food stamps, welfare and etc….. By giving tax advantages to our businesses, they can hire more employees and increase productivity.Which benefits all. I can’t stand to see another business close there doors and all those people are losing there homes. My husband works for Del Monte Foods. Every year ,plants are closing and jobs moving to Mexico. Please tell people about the trickle down effect. Without jobs, we have no paycheck and if everyone is trying to get help because they have no place to work. Where’s the money going to come from….

  • Black Bastard, is a perfectly appropiate way to refer to president obama.
    It is also very appropriate if he does not become the president elect. I have checked the leaders of all the countrys on this earth, and this very extensive search finds no bastards to be found. We should all be very delighted, I trust. It shows just what a great country we have. I AM THRILLED BEYOND WORDS. I must leave you for the evening meal. We are having catfish, hushpuppies and watermelon.

  • Not looking good for McCain!!!
    Did he ever have a chance??
    As soon as a black man was nominated, the majority..(wild guess 85-95%
    of the African Americans jumped on his band wagon, before even knowing what he stands for. That’s a lot of votes. Then if you add on top of that the Bush haters ( who for some reason think that McCain will follow his politics)
    or the ones that do not now trust the Republicans, mostly all have jumped on the wagon also. That’s a lot more votes for Obama. So really, would any white republican have ever stood a chance?
    So Yes, race is playing a huge roll in this election!!!!!
    I don’t think McCain was particularly angry in the last debate, just frustrated and I think he is surprised that so many listen to Obama’s crap.
    McCain has all the right answers for me and I truly have faith in him.
    Obama just wants to be President, but I am sure even he knows that McCain will do a much better job.
    The Muslims want Obama to win, and that’s who they will be voting for also. It’s not looking good John!!!
    So for those who are African American, and the Bush haters, This election is a very serious issue indeed, your vote is important and please do not vote for Obama because he is black, or if you don’t like Bush. If you think the last 4 years of Bush were bad, wait and see what 4 years of Obama will do for America. It will seriously be a rude awakening!!!

    Obama will not win for the right reasons, I just hope to God he doesn’t win for the wrong ones!!!!

  • I don’t understand why you Obama fans cannot disagree gracefully. Do you have to be so hateful just because they(McCain/Palin) have some “values”, perhaps even “RELIGIOUS” values. Don’t we have the right to that any more with out being chastised as if we have done something horrible? You can drag her poor daughter thru the mill for being pregnant and unwed, you don’t even believe in those values, I don’t get your point. As far as I can see, Palin, hasn’t done anything wrong, other than allow her name to be put on the ticket. God knows, if she had a skeleton, it would be OUT by now. It’s obvious to me she’s a tough cookie, or she would be gone by now. I am very disappointed in the “black” voters, yes, I am “white”. You know what? I cannot help that………..I have some black friends I absolutely LOVE, but I cannot go this racial bias that I see, it isn’t any different if you are discriminating against me as a white person, than if a white person discriminates against a black person, it hurts the same, no worse for you than for me. To vote for Obama because he is black is ridiculous and I believe that is happening. Also, people that are “pro-choice” are really “pro-abortion”, they are pro-choice if you choose abortion, but if you choose life, they rant and rave like you are the worst person in the world. Katie Couric could take a lesson or two in “good manners” also. She’s rude. And by the way, Obama is NOT young. McCain had some experience under his belt by Obama’s age. He’s getting a late start.

  • How can some people not admire Palin? She has accomplished more for her state than Obama has for his by far, she obviously is very headstrong and knows how to get things done. She alone would make a better President than Obama. He preaches change but his ideas (sorry, I mean the ideas he has been instructed to say) fall short of what really needs to be done to fix America. Palin on the other hand has a proven plan to really clean up the Government, and her ideas must be implemented or the U.S. will be in a terrible situation. The only change Obama does is change his mind on issues.
    I personally know someone that is like Obama (but white). He is only out for himself, but he has a knack for telling people what they like to hear, He like obama truly gets under my skin…Phony as a $6 bill.
    Some will never see or understand this thought, but people with common sense can see it clearly.
    Palin and McCain say what they mean and it all makes such good sense, it’s crucial they get elected, and start fixing the mess the U.S. is in!!!

  • I think McCain (or you) should set up a web page explaining why his economics plan are the way to go, and why Obama’s really will not fix much, if anything.
    For instance, Giving the large corporations a tax break. The world is getting smaller for these giants and most other countries are offering cheaper labor and other incentives for them to jump ship and set up abroad. It is very crucial thing to keep these large employers in the U.S. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but Obama uses it to banter McCain.
    So either Obama and his people are fools, or he’s brilliant for knowing the difference, but playing that card knowing so many do not know it.
    Pathetic really.
    Having said that, these things need to be explained to the American voters, before it’s too late!!!!

  • Neither McCain nor Obama know nothing about health insurance. Companies are regulated an under the jurisdiction. The Bail Out Plan may help to some degree. Remember, it is a loan with payments to who may own the paper. That gets China and Saudia Arabia because they will buy up or treasury notes. We don’t pay, they come and get! Neither of these men know anything about economics. That spells trouble which ever the way we go. Just think: Obama, Peloisi, Harry Reid and Biden in power. That spells failure. Then if Obama and Biden should die we would have the first FEMALE PRESIDENT, NANCY PELOISI! It is interesting that we have ended up with the worst possible candidates to pick from, we let the good ones get away. Sara Palin is a breath of fresh air. I will take Palin and Huckeberry in whatever position they want.

  • Wow..Susan Davis…I agree with your position on defending Bush about his stance on the war. I guess maybe it’s not some people’s fault for thinking Bush did the wrong thing, because they JUST DONT GET IT!!!
    If they think Bush is evil, maybe they should learn a little about other Presidents and Dictators and what some of them think about the USA.
    There are many (a few less now thx to Bush) terrorists in this World that are immensely powerful, their dream in life is to see that America is destroyed.
    Terrorist organizations grow at between 20 to 35% each year. Do the math on that one, not a pretty picture. They must be constantly taken care of, or they will surly take care of the US.
    They will never go away, they will always be around to haunt us.
    Leave them alone and see how they grow, become more sophisticated, one day, one may get their hands on a mini nuke, then everyone will be running around wondering why their Government didn’t save them. Too late at that point. Maybe if you see the classified reports only the President gets to see on what is going on in this world (from Generals, Admirals etc) then you could truly understand why he chose war. The UN was dragging its feet so George took the initiative and did what a great leader should do. He could of taken the Ghandi approach, but I don’t think it would work here either.
    Unfortunately for Bush, he cannot truly come out and tell the American people the real danger America is in, or all foriegn investors will pull out of the USA.

    As far as Iraq goes, half the population were employed by Saddam, and the other half were basically on their own, praying someone would get rid of their evil dictator. Now, they love having Democracy and they really love their new found freedom. I was fairly certain they wouldn’t find WOMD there, for if he had some, he had a great deal of time to bury them, they would not be found. But I think when you have over a million people murdered, someone needs to step in and give a hand. Would you like it if Saddam were your President?

    Bottom line is this, McCain understands this, Obama does not!!!!

  • Is this what McCain wants as his legacy? A campaign built on hate, division and violence? America is supposed to be one nation, indivisible, under God. Instead we get Elisabeth’s 9-minute introduction where she snarkily refers to Americans who love this country as much as she does as “they” and “them.” We get Palin who incites crowds to yell “Kill him;” and “Terrorist!” while pelting the press with rocks.

    The RNC locked up their nomination early, while the DNC dragged on and on. You had months’ advantage to plan. Instead you build a campaign around fear and the country has lost decades of progress in tolerance and understanding. McCain, the hero, is going out as McCain the desperate man. You have time to fix this and win this. Denounce the hate and violence and do what you can to bring this country together again.

  • How many New Yorkers will look at the empty space left by the twin towers and vote for OBAMA. It is a sad day for America when so many will vote for the young glib tax and spend liberal who promises handouts to everyone, over tested war hero who wants to preserve the American way of life?

    You will be surprised how much damage Democrats can do in 4 years – the country may never recover.

    God Bless America – we’ll need it

  • CHANGE!!!! How original for a running politician to have change as his main platform. That is spewed from every election I have ever witnessed.
    So what big change is Obama preaching?? A small tax and health care change? Both Obama’s and McCain’s changes have their pro’s and con’s..but I do believe McCain’s idea’s are the more sound of the 2.
    Oh Yeah, I have a sense that Obama and his team seem to be coming up with their ideas as they go along, they keep changing their ideas and adding some as they go along. McCain from what I gather has been working on these thoughts for a very long time. He really knows what needs to be done, and with Palin on his side with her proven record and ideas, they KNOW what changes really need to put in place. I don’t think many corrupt government workers will be voting for McCain, as that is what the McCain team plan on cleaning up, THAT is what needs to be done and that is new CHANGE!!!!! Along with many more great ideas for change they have and so little changes Obama is preaching…maybe Obama’s main platform should red:
    CHANGE- Implemented when we come up with something!!!!!
    Very Lame but a fact.

    If Obama get’s voted in as President, I will be on the safe side and enroll my kids in Muslim lessons as I think they will be needing them, give them a one up!!!! The free world may be in for a hell of a ride!!!!

  • I pray that just some of the new president elect’s promises come to light. However, I recall vividly who put us in this situation … I remember the fear for the military when Clinton was running, and my fears became a reality …military cutbacks …and during Katrina when people wanted to know where the military was they should have asked Bill!! When people want to know why the troops are tired and worn …ask Bill!!!

    Also, the mortgage crisis is Clinton’s lovechild as well …. when we can place blame accurately then we can understand that we have just re-elected the same leadership …. Obama has said that he will start appointing his people and some of Clinton’s Administration too!!

    Well, I hope that we aren’t buried …. change means CHANGE …not regression!! Change already if that is what you are saying you are going to do and let us support you so we can move forward ….

    Stop leaving the military child behind!!! Maybe we will finally find some assistance since Education is such a priority now! Oh thats right … a lot of other people have to sign off on that too …

    Stop asking the upper class people how to fix a problem …GUESS WHAT??? They don’t have the same disadvantages!!

    And if Iam the only feeling an uneasy military situation …. check out Russia!!! Do you feel a power play with our new president already?

    I only pray that our new president elect will recognize the importance of John McCain as a crucial component in the military affairs. He has dedicated his life to this country and his passion was even more apparent in his speech last night …that while we may not have him as a president that we are very blessed to have the continued sacrifice to this country of such a patriot. God Bless Him and His Family, and Sara Palin and Her Family. And God Bless Our New President Elect and VP Elect and their Families too … may they all serve our country well!

  • To John McCain

    You did not lose, America Lost.

    The loss was not your fault, it was primarily the media’s fault.

    I am sure we are in for change, I am afraid it will be for the worse.

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