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Jon Voight blogs exclusively at Blockbuster UK

Jon Voight blogs exclusively at Blockbuster UK

According to a recent press release, renowned actor Jon Voight will be blogging exclusively for the UK Blockbuster web site this month, to mark the UK release of “Transformers” and “Bratz: The Movie”.

More than just an interview, all the articles are written by Voight himself. It’s the first time he’s blogged, and he will share his thoughts and experiences of the films he has appeared in, his career, his favourite films, who he likes to work with, what Christmas means to him, and more.

It seems that he’ll have fairly “open mike”, with the press release stating that “Jon has been known to offer controversial opinions in the past so we will have to see how much he reveals in his blog.”

Unfortunately, though the blog should have been published from yesterday, the provided link doesn’t yet work. Hopefully this will be ironed out over the next couple of days.

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