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Just in case you needed a reason to NOT attend SXSW ’07

Just in case you needed a reason to NOT attend SXSW ’07

SXSW is a big thing I realize. Media magnet. Mecca for all things, emm, whatever. But in case you were looking for a reason to not attend this event, let me give you reason #1 (of course the only one that matters).

Dan Rather is keynoting.

Yes, you heard it right. The posterchild for being dooced by blogs is now touting how, and I quote, “emerging technology is shaping the news”.

Well, if anyone can be a posterchild for such a topic, Dan Rather is it. The only reason the Web 2.0 crowd is embracing this goon is because of Mark Cuban’s dollars. He had no credibility when he left CBS, what makes an HDNet deal give him any more credibility now?

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Hat tip: Mark Jaiquith

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  • I clearly can’t compete with David’s “Club LaBloga,” but I’m glad somebody jumped on the ridiculousness that is Dan Rather keynoting at SXSW.

    I have to assume that the event organizers have a hard time decoupling the interactive event from the rest of the week’s festivities, and perhaps they think Rather bridges the interactive/film gap in some way that I don’t quite understand.

    Anyway, if we’re gonna do the beach house, let’s go to Miami…There’s no place better on earth in early March.

    Oh, and (low blow alert) the girls will be so much hotter.

  • Well, if they were looking for a bridge, surely Wil Wheaton would have been better and fit the hipster atmosphere a bit better. What is absurd about this whole thing is how Rather lied, blatantly so, and has become multi-times the celebrity for it. But then, society loves lies. Look at Valleywag.

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