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JustMigrate Moves Posterous Accounts To Tumblr

JustMigrate Moves Posterous Accounts To Tumblr


With Posterous officially shutting down on April 30 the team at 3Crumbs has launched The platform makes it simple for Posterous account holders to move their posts over to a new or existing Tumblr page.

JustMigrate is a simple program, just type in your Posterous URL, authorize the URL with Tumblr and allow to work its magic.

Users with multiple Tumblr accounts will be asked ahead of time to choose the proper Tumblr location for the new migration. 

JustMigrate is free for the first 100 posts, $10 for 101-250 posts and $25 for 500 posts.

Tumblr’s API does restrict users to 250 posts and 75 photos per day. If you are moving more than the allowed allotment JustMigrate will schedule your transfer to be separated over several days.

Since purchasing Posterous last year Twitter has not said how many users are utilizing the network. In 2011 there were 12.4 million blogs on the Posterous Space platform.

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Other options are available if users would prefer to move their Posterous Spaces information to WordPress or Square.

Will you be moving your Posterous blog posts to Tumblr, WordPress or Square?


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