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Khyati Trehan’s innovative portfolio extends design boundaries

Khyati Trehan’s innovative portfolio extends design boundaries

Innovative Portfolio

On March 27, 2024, versatile designer, Khyati Trehan, presented her extensive portfolio, showcasing her skills across different genres and mediums including type design, artificial intelligence studies, and editing commissions. Trehan demonstrated her unique problem-solving through innovative design approaches and the importance of interdisciplinary methods.

Trehan illuminated how artificial intelligence can enhance the design process and contribute to the emergence of new forms and patterns. Her focus included revealing how she seamlessly blended technology with aesthetics in various projects.

Showcasing her editing skills, Trehan presented an impressive array of book and digital content editing commissions. Her masterful editing further highlighted her versatility and keen attention to detail.

Trehan captivated her audience with engaging discussions about her inspirations, creative processes, her journey from novice to pro, and her future aspirations. The presentation acted as a comprehensive display of Trehan’s various skills, further establishing her as an accomplished and multidimensional designer.

Trehan’s work, noted for pushing the boundaries of traditional graphic design, is characterised by ongoing experimentation and modernity.

Trehan’s versatility enriches design field

She displayed this in projects like a 70s-inspired retrofuturistic design for a home storage business and her work for Polytechnic’s Hospital Rooms publication.

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Discussing her work with bespoke brand fonts, including her innovative experiment for TJ Maxx, Trehan proposed using the human form as inspiration for font design. This unique approach involved creating each letter from scratch, using various human shapes as inspiration, to give each letter a distinctive personality.

Trehan also highlighted her work in the video game industry, emphasising her belief in video gaming as a crucial platform for design progression. Furthermore, she discussed her recent collaboration with Air, an AI tool designed to enhance the productivity of creative teams, outlining the vast potential AI presents in creative fields.

Throughout her career, Trehan’s various talents in artistic fields, her unique flair for integrating mixed media elements, technical skills, and strategic vision solidify her reputation. Her portfolio showcases her comprehensive approach to design, combining aesthetic sensibility with functional design. Trehan remains an influential figure in the graphic design community, constantly pushing boundaries and inspiring creative minds.

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