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KickApps releases Single Sign-On plugin for WordPress

KickApps releases Single Sign-On plugin for WordPress

WordPress Bloggers Go Social with KickApps

KickApps, an on-demand social media platform, today released the Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin that enables a seamless member login experience between WordPress blogs and KickApps hosted social media sites. WordPress bloggers can now easily integrate social media experiences, such as social networking, user-generated content, programmable video players and Widgets for content syndication, to their blogs to fuel audience growth and engagement.

When publishers enable the KickApps SSO plugin between their WordPress and KickApps powered social media sites, registered members of the WordPress powered site will be auto-registered into the site’s KickApps powered community during sign in, requiring no initial user import by the publisher. Once logged in and clicked through to the community site, the member is brought over to his or her profile page, where they can start uploading video, photos and audio, and manage their media.

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