Kontera Launches WordPress Plugin

Kontera is one of the providers of in-text ads, hated by some (usually readers), and loved by others (mainly publishers making ad dollars). If you’re a Kontera user running a WordPress blog, it just got a lot easier to add the ContentLink tag to your blog, and block out parts of it, with the release of the official Kontera WordPress plugin. Instructions and download links in the Kontera blog post.

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  • Great News! As a blogger I welcome it, since context-sensitive advertising can bring some income, for the first time, to… people working for nothing (as bloggers) till now! :)

    I have already installed WordPress software in my main site, in http://omadeon.com/blog
    but hesitate to migrate my main wordpress blog there, because of various tedious aspects of the migration (as well as the fact people got used to linking or reading my other blog and the new one has to start from scratch).

    So – here is my question – are there any plans by WordPress to include your plugin among their standard services? My guess is not so, and even so it’s probably going to mean a share from the ads’ revenue for them, and so on.

    (mentioned you in a Greek post linked-in)

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