Kosgate on Fox News

johnny dollar’s place has provided a transcript of a discussion on Kosgate between Bill O’Reilly and Hugh Hewitt on the Fox News Channel.

HEWITT: Now Daily Kos says, this is one of the bloggers from the left, says he disclosed it, but not to the satisfaction of anyone who watches him. I didn’t know.

O’REILLY: Aw, this is bunk. This is bull. Nobody knew about this.

HEWITT: That’s right.

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There is also some interesting discussion in relation to “Black Ops Blogs”.
I’d note that Jerome Armstrong of mydd.com was dragged into the discussion on Fox, unfairly. Jerome quit blogging when he was on the Dean payroll, he did the right thing. Kos did not.

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  • come on. kos’s site had a disclaimer on its home page the whole time he was consulting with the dean campaign. he later helped the clark campaign!

    this is a fake issue to distract from the armstrong williams scandal.

    why aren’t we talking bout the two bloggers payed $35,000 to support John Thune in the last election? neither of them disclosed it.

    here’s my disclosure: from july to november last year i worked with kos and jerome on a few consulting projects.

  • I love the way they cite the Powerline triumvirate as paragons of virtue, the same way Time cited them as top citizen-bloggers. They all collect salaries from the Claremont Institute, a neocon think tank–which they disclose, it’s true. But if you think that the blog is a hobby unrelated to their job of promoting the neocon agenda, I have this bridge for sale I’d like to show you … Disclosure: nobody pays me to blog, and I don’t have any pals who get paid to do it. My strategy is to get someone so annoyed they pay me NOT to blog ….

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