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Lady Gaga Loses 156 Million YouTube Views

Lady Gaga Loses 156 Million YouTube Views

Lady GagaWhile superstar Pop Singer Lady Gaga may be one of the biggest draws for YouTube views, her views dropped quite a bit on Wednesday.

According to NME the super star singer watched as YouTube removed 156 million video views from her account.

In December 2012 content network VEVO reduced many major artist account numbers by nearly 2 million views, however Lady Gaga escaped that first major view count purge.

The views were invalidated after YouTube officials discovered that many of Lady Gaga’s views were the result of hackers who artificially inflated site numbers. 

YouTube pays its partner sites millions of dollars for the right to air their videos, by invalidating fake view counts the mega-video host is able to reduce its overall costs.

Removing the fake views also ensures YouTube advertisers that their video ads are only being shown to real people and not to bots, hackers and other fake account types.

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