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Leroy Sievers, NPR Blogger & Commentator, passes away at 53 from cancer

Leroy Sievers, NPR Blogger & Commentator, passes away at 53 from cancer

NPR’s Leroy Sievers, who has written NPR’s My Cancer blog for well over two years, died earlier today at the age of 53.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune covered his passing:

“For the past two years, Leroy shared his life with cancer on the air and online with passion, wit and a kind, brutal honesty that created a safe space for an open and candid dialogue about the disease,” NPR Vice President for News Ellen Weiss said in a statement.

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A note on his blog about his passing has garnered more than 790 comments as of this writing.

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  • Who cares. I tried to post on his blog what foods to eat and cut out of his diet, yet he didn’t allow my comments. You fail to respect other peoples opinions and knowlege, then it’s your fault for not eating natural foods.

  • Forget you, midget mellon farmer. Respect that opinion. He was the asshole for not allowing a change of fucking mind. He believed in the pristine white incompetent doctors, and they failed him. He didn’t want to listen to someone who MIGHT just have the fucking experience to cure his cancer instead of continuing with ineffective treatments. He didn’t want others to know these opinions either. Too bad, I don’t feel like sharing anymore.

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