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Lesbians Find Their Place in the World of Blogs

Lesbians Find Their Place in the World of Blogs

Kelly Leszczynski, founder of Michigan’s largest online lesbian community Suburban Lesbians of Michigan, is working to fill another void in the lesbian community. In September Leszczynski established The Lesbian Lifestyle blog.

The Lesbian Lifestyles mission is a simple one. The blog was established to become a creative outlet where lesbian women of all races, from all locations, and age groups could come together to tell their stories to the world. TLL hopes to bring as many stories together as possible for others to read, relate to, and enjoy.

While surfing the net Leszczynski found that there were several talented lesbian writers in the Blogosphere. She then decided to email the individuals with the hope of bringing their talents together into a group blog. Many of the authors write in their own blogs and also take the time to feature some of their work within The Lesbian Lifestyle.

Leszczynski stated, “I thought to myself, why not bring all of these great women and their words together.” Since sending out the first email she has received several requests from women who want to become part of this modern version of Internet storytelling. LeAnn Travis, one of the blog’s authors said, “What I have noticed is that even though each one of us has had different experiences, or comes from a different background we truly are a lot more alike than I had ever realized before. Each one of us has one major thing in common: who we love, but it has shaped each of us differently. I am so proud to be apart of this blog. I hope it helps to change minds, hearts, and to educate non-lesbians about our trials and accomplishments.”

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There are currently more than thirty authors who post their stories, poems, and personal views on The Lesbian Lifestyle blog. The authors focus on a wide range of topics, covering small everyday life events as well as larger issues that involve what it means to be a lesbian in today’s society. With authors from Australia, New York, Belgium and beyond the participation that makes up TLL spans continents. “The goal is to show our real lives through our words. The authors are from all over the world so the blog has become a great display of how different and how alike we all can be.” said Leszczynski.

(source email & Gaywired)

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