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Let the mud run free: WSJ mudslinger accused of bias

Let the mud run free: WSJ mudslinger accused of bias

The mud is flying thick and fast over Kosgate with return fire this time coming from the site billed as the “Liberal Drudge”, The Raw Story, that William McGurn, the chief editorial writer at the Wall Street Journal, who lead the charge against Kos on the Kosgate allegations, serves on President Bush’€™s fellowship board with Armstrong Williams and is also being hired as chief speechwriter for the Bush Administration. The article goes on to state that this disclosure has raised serious questions about the Journal’€™s motivations in its exposure of Kos.

We say: if Kos simply apologises for not disclosing the Dean relationship more clearly on the site at the time, all will be forgiven.

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  • I think the expectation of an apology is bizzare. When Kos started his site, he did it just like the rest of us: with his own money and time. It is his. He doesn’t owe anyone anything. He isn’t a journalist, newspaper or network broadcast.

    If you object to the level of his disclosure, deny his the currecy of the blogosphere: your eyeballs. go read his site and encourage others not to read it either. But is to expect an apology is just silly.

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