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Lifestream All of Your Social Network Activity With New Widget

Lifestream All of Your Social Network Activity With New Widget

So many social networks, so little time. Even if I wanted to follow the online trials and tribulations of my favorite Web personalities, with the birth of new online communities everyday, keeping up is a full-time job.

Registered users of, a social network for bloggers, has just released a widget that will indicate all of your social networking activities in one place. Or, in fancy Web 2.0 terms, you can set up a “lifestream.”

Among the major networks currently available on the widget: Digg, Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Twitter and YouTube. A handful of others are also options, and more are expected to be added on a regular basis.

The BlogCatalog social network aggregator can be displayed anywhere and is completely neutral, not favoring any one network over another.

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Gemini information

Just in case you have information that is the same across several networks, you can manually remove items.

Over 100,000 approved bloggers interact on BlogCatalog every day.

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  • That’s nice, though these lifestreams services only pull the public data, so they don’t really save time but are there to show the world your social activity.
    I use 8hands, which provides notifications upon private messages as well.

  • I tend to disagree with George. The News Feed widget will save you a bunch of time by distributing the data to many more readers then would happen without them.

    The News Feed packages your social activity a tight, network neutral package so that you can display your activity directly on your blog and not only on a destination site like

    There is an RSS option on the widget so that your followers can easily track you on their readers. Moreover, your blog readers can see what you are doing right on the News Feed on your blog as well as on your blogcatalog personal profile.

    You wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to do this manually.

    The News Feed leverages widget technology in a way that automatically keeps track of and distributes your social activity in multiple places.

    So with all the talk about profile / social network data portability, this widget does exactly that in a tight package that is easy to install and easy to use.

    We will going through various iterations over the next few weeks including providing user social stats showing activity popularity.

    Please try the News Feed out, if you have a chance, and let me know what you think. We are open to any ideas that make it a more useful tool.

  • I like what blogcatalog is doing with this. I don’t know if my readers are that interested in what I’m reading or not, but I can say that I’ve gotten more out of blogcatalog than any of the other blogging communities out there. FuelMyBlog is a very close second, but that’s only because I was featured as the blog of the day. Without that it probably wouldn’t be close.

  • Damien.. great to hear that blogcatalog has been good for you. I think the social web is about getting recommendations from people you follow and trust. The news feed in a way provides your readers with your personal recommendations of what you are liking. The convenient part is the recommendations are done automatically w/o you having to update the News Feed widget.

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