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LinkedIn, the social network service for professionals has quietly launched LinkedIn Answers.

LinkedIn AnswersThe new feature, a likely competitor for Yahoo Answers, expands the professional network service beyond mere contacts and hopes to harness the thousands of experts currently using the website.

To ask a question — just type it in, share it with people in your network who are likely knowledgeable with the topic and get the answers you want. Experts in your network can answer the question within 7 days.

To answer questions — find questions in your areas of expertise (or browse questions to find categories familiar to you), you can either provide your own answers (or recommend connections who can help). By providing the best answers to questions, you earn expertise. Experts are featured on the Answers home page, and in each category of questions.

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There isn’t much incentive here actually and there’s no limit or quota as to how many you can ask unlike Yahoo. A quick glance at the list of questions reveal the system might be prone to spamming for job ads.

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