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LinkedIn Preps Up New Site Design

LinkedIn Preps Up New Site Design

Are you using LinkedIn? I mean have you created an account on this business-oriented social networking site? If you did, chances are you just created a LinkedIn profile and rarely visit the site, right?

Anyway, when was the last time you checked out your LinkedIn profile or when was the last time you actually visited the LinkedIn site?  If you do right now, you might see some changes in the site’s design, as LinkedIn is currently testing out a new site design.

According to a post from the LinkedIn blog, the new design is being tested to some users. So some of us  might see the new design, while others may not. For those who can’t seem to notice what has been changed, there are four items really which are all aimed at making it easier to navigate and find information from the site.


These four new features are:

  1. A global navigation bar at the top of the page that provides convenient access to all LinkedIn services.
  2. Simplified local navigation within each of the LinkedIn areas (Profile, Contacts, Groups, etc.).
  3. More room available for page content. Less scrolling.
  4. A cleaner, less-cluttered look.

Interestingly, the LindkedIn blog post has this very long explanation on what brought up the site redesign which was started several months ago. The site redesign was said to be based on a lot of factors plus the results of the observations of the LindkedIn crew.

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Hopefully, the site redesign would entice current LinkedIn members to visit the site more often and not to log-in to their LinkedIn account only when approving people who want to connect.

Do you check your LinkedIn account as often as you do to your, say Facebook profile?

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