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LinkedIn’s Most Overused Buzzwords Of 2012

LinkedIn’s Most Overused Buzzwords Of 2012

LinkedIn Buzzwords

Utilizing social networks properly involves catching peoples attention, in order to gain the attention you want originality is a big plus. Unfortunately many users in 2012 used their LinkedIn accounts to echo the same sentiments as other users.

LinkedIn on Tuesday revealed its list of the 10 most-overused buzzwords job hunters used in 2012 to find new jobs. Job hunters apparently feel that being “creative” is a huge plus. Creative was the same term that ruled last years buzzwords list.

According to?Simla Ceyhan, a data scientist at LinkedIn:

“Even though we added more than 50 million new members since we did the last ranking, the data tells us that the number one buzzword globally is “creative” once again.”

LinkedIn also found that the top buzzword users varied between countries. For example, in Brazil “experimental” was a bit keyword while users in the Middle East and Asia used “motivated.”

Once again in second and third place were “organizational” and “effective” along with “responsible” and “analytical” making the list.

Here are the top 10 most overused buzzwords in the U.S. based on LinkedIn posts:

1. Creative

2. Organizational

3. Effective

4. Motivated

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5. Extensive Experience

6. Track Record

7. Innovative

8. Responsible

9. Analytical

10. Problem Solving

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