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Lionsgate claims first Blu-ray interactive movie blog

Lionsgate claims first Blu-ray interactive movie blog

Anyone with a passing interest in the world of consumer electronics, and particularly high definition disc players, will have heard of HD DVD and Blu-ray.

The feature set of Blu-ray, now the dominant high definition disc format, is still evolving. Eventually, all players will have to offer BD-Live functionality which, amongst other things, offers Internet connectivity and interactive features.

Most Blu-ray discs still don’t offer much in the way of interactive features, mainly because the technology is still quite new, development costs are still quite high, the installed user base is fairly small, and “Profile 2.0” isn’t yet a mandatory feature for all Blu-ray players.

However, Lionsgate Home Entertainment, a long time supporter of Blu-ray, has announced that its SAW IV movie, released in the UK this month, premieres “the world’s first interactive Blu-ray disc movie blog, called MoLog”.

According to the press release, this feature will allow users to create and share their own added value content via blog entries.

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And that’s it. Details are scarce, though it does seem as if the technology will appear on other titles in due course. Whether these are real blogs, and whether they’ll be accessible to the wider Internet community, remains to be seen. It could simply be Lionsgate using the word “blog” because it’s a bit trendy right now.

Added to which, I can’t imagine many people wanting to type out long blog entries using a standard TV remote control unit. Perhaps a Twitter-style system would go down better?

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