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Little Green Footballs busts Reuters

Little Green Footballs busts Reuters

The blog Little Green Footballs and its owner Charles Johnson have apparantly busted another forgery.

Nearly two years ago, Little Green Footballs was at the forefront of a group of bloggers that proved that documents used by Dan Rather in a story to discredit President Bush were falsified.

Today, a photograph, from Reuters, allegedly of bombing damage in Lebanon appears to have been altered using Photoshop or another tool in order to make the damage appear more dramatic and worse than it really is.

The story spread quickly through the blogosphere and by early this morning Reuters had admitted that the photograph was doctored.

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  • Goog for them for spotting this. Whoever did the doctoring of the photo in question nid not know how to use the cloning stamp efficiently. There are building’s repeating in the smoke repeating in the … The person created a pattern of smoke rather than an illusion of more smoke an destruction.

    On the other hand this incident makes the viewer all the more aware of what technology is capable of. How many times have people brought in old folded torn family photos to an artist to have them doctored to their original state using photoshop?

  • I agree – this was a quite obvious forgery/doctored photo.. I was glad that Charles and others were able to spot this and bring significant attention to this sort of crap.


  • When I saw the photo I laughed. I’m a graphic designer so I’m aware of what Photoshop can do and this photo was an insult to Photoshop. I read somewhere else that the photographer took pics at Qana, where there was other rumblings of staged photos.

  • So is the photographer hooked up with the Hezbo’s? or is he just the convenient scapegoat laid out to take the blame off of the media?

  • What they need to do is dig a big pit and just dump all the bodies in it before the photographers get there and then quick cover them with dirt like they did in the El Salvador. And then when the reporters sniffling about the people that died, just call them Hezbos and put them in prison. Nobody will know the difference, especially if you say that they weren’t carrying the right papers.

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