Live Journal blogger has mother killed

This is a story that has been floating around for a while in the blogosphere but we’ve been a little sceptical of its authenticity until an AP wire confirmed the story.

Rachelle Waterman, a 16 year old Live Journal blogger of Ketchikan, Alaska, has been charged with 1st degree murder following the killing of her mother, according to the criminal complaint laid in the Craig District Court.

Her mother, 48-year-old Lauri Waterman, was found barbequed in a burning van following the solicitation by Rachel of two extremely stupid boyfriends to knock her off.

Her last post to her blog (since removed) indicated that her mother had been murdered and the police where about to seize her computer, however she gave no indication of her role in the conspiracy.

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Glassdog alleges that the plot arose from her mothers wish to send her to fat camp.

We say there is a worrying trend emerging amongst Live Journal users.

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  • why would any one want to kill there own mother? its sick and you must be mental to do it!!! rachelle waterman needs her head sorted out and its good she is in jail for life along with the two men who killed lauri. may be they wont serve the sentence but i hope that they are never forgiven for what they done . there is no words to describe how bad it is. i hope that rachelle is never forgiven by her family. i hope she and brian radel and jason arrant rot in hell.

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