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LiveJournal allows Google AdSense on premium accounts

LiveJournal allows Google AdSense on premium accounts

livejournalI’ll admit that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to blogging platforms, and my view of LiveJournal isn’t the rosiest. Then again, the platform does have 22 million registered bloggers, so it’s certainly not to be passed over.

The Russian-owned blogging platform will now allow its premium (i.e. paid) users to embed Google AdSense ads on their blogs.

The “Your Journal – Your Money” system means that LJ users with an AdSense account can add customised ads to their blog, in much the same way as any other AdSense publisher would. LiveJournal says it won’t take any of the profits (and if it’s based on individual AdSense accounts, how could it?)

Is LiveJournal encouraging members to click on their friends’ ads? This line is a little suspicious, and may need rewording if (when) Google sees it:

“To help your friends in the program earn extra cash, you can opt-in to see ads on their pages as well.”

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Anyway, LiveJournal users who think they’re going to earn more than $19.95 per year (the minimum cost of a premium LJ account) can sign up for the program. Of course, they’ll still need to accumulate at least $100 in earnings to be paid by Google.

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  • this is a bit of a turn-off! although we must admit that livejournal does have a good following but they should’ve just kept it free. blogger, wordpress, and many other websites allow google adsense without you having to upgrade your account…

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