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LiveJournal Cuts Workforce, Doomed?

LiveJournal Cuts Workforce, Doomed?

Bad news for 20 employees at LiveJournal, they just got sacked, leaving only 8 left to run the now Russian social network. Vallyewag broke the story, and found this LiveJournal blog that tells of no severance package and a total lack of advance warnings. Ouch. I bet Six Apart is happy it sold the service to SUP in time.

Hopefully the LiveJournal service will not suffer too much because of this, but if I were a user I’d start getting backups. I doubt LiveJournal will go all JournalSpace on us, but still, you never know.

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  • That is not good to hear! Good thing I resisted the urge to purchase a premium account!

    The sad thing is that LJ had one of the best iPhone apps (as far as blogging was concerned). With the company on life support, I would try backing up my stuff if I were them.

  • What about all the people who paid $190 for a ‘Permanent Account’ – it’s great how they have a permanent account sale last month, prior to this going down…raking money in before they close?

    LJ is a big part of it’s users lives – mine included! it’s devastating news….not what we all expected at all.

    What is life after Live Journal? The best blogging service on the web :(

  • “What is life after LiveJournal?”

    I’d keep an eye on the Dreamwidth project for the answer to that question.

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