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LiveJournal Growth And Stats Since 1999 [Infographic]

LiveJournal Growth And Stats Since 1999 [Infographic]

LiveJournal Infographic

While most of our attention towards blogging these days is focused on the likes of WordPress, Tumbler and even Posterous Spaces, the original community-based social network LiveJournal continues to chug along, drawing in millions of pageviews while promoting community and creativity.

LiveJournal has now created an infographic (shown below) that showcases how far the site has come since being founded in 1999.

LiveJournal now boasts 92 million visitors worldwide who operate 46 million journals and operate communities that span the globe.

Not only has the community become a large platform for individual users it has also created various one-stop shops for news aggregation such as AramaTheyDidn’t and celebrity blog ONTD.

LiveJournal most recently launched LJ Media, a social media plublishing group that hopes to turn popular communities into thriving media websites.

While the numbers are impressive, the site has built much of its traffic on stolen content. For example take a look at ONTD where 90% of traffic is copy and paste news (full stories not just introductions) from various media outlets. When I was running a former new media outlet I sent no less than 3-4 DMCA violation notices to ONTD on a weekly basis, it took six month before they finally added my web property to their “do not copy” list.

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Here’s the full infographic:

LiveJournal Infographic


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