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LiveJournal Resurrects iPhone App

LiveJournal Resurrects iPhone App

After remaining in a dormant state for almost a year in a half, the LiveJournal team has resurrected the iPhone app previously created by CosySoftware and have adopted it as their own.

We’re pleased to announce that the new LiveJournal iPhone app is available for free in the Apple store! Be sure to download the application labeled “LiveJournal Inc.” (Official LiveJournal News)

As far as creating content goes, the LiveJournal app is the most advanced mobile blogging app in the app store, one that rivals (if not exceeds) WordPress and Squarespace, as well as a host of third party apps.

The new (and now official) iPhone app is very similar to CosySoftware’s version, both with allow you to easily upload multiple images, insert hyper-links, format text (bold, italics and strike through are currently supported) as well as create expandable post summaries (aka the “Read more” feature).

However the official LiveJournal app goes one step further than its predecessor by allowing you to insert polls from within the post, as well as comment on journal entries that you follow (advance formatting included!).

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Similar to their rival apps, you can also post your location (a feature I have yet to embrace on any blog platform). Unfortunately fast app switching was not supported, although I expect that they will add this in a future update.

LiveJournal is currently giving away the app for free, although the company may want to have Apple remove CosySoftware’s elder version (lest users become confused between the two as they are sporting the same image).

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