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LiveJournal Saving Lives Down Under

LiveJournal Saving Lives Down Under

Not content at watching disaster happen while doing nothing, it looks like the LiveJournal community has decided to help those in need in Australia who have been struggling to survive in the wake of the natural disaster affecting the region.

In response to your requests, we’re pleased to offer a charitable vgift to aid flood relief efforts in Australia. We hope you’ll show your support by sending this vgift to friends. One hundred percent of proceeds will be donated to the Australian Red Cross (we’ll cover the processing fees). We thank you for helping us make a difference. (LiveJournal News)

The Australian floods have already killed at least 16 people and have destroyed over $3 billion worth of property upon the continent, and has been described by the media as an “inland tsunami” due to its destruction and size (as one can tell from the video below).

While there are other organizations mobilizing to help aide the victims thus far LiveJournal is the only major blogging platform helping their users help those in need.

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Although Tumblr users are also discussing the flood (providing pictures, videos and commentary), thus far the microblogging platform has yet to launch a similar effort matching LiveJournal’s.

Note: Previously Tumblr (as well as Squarespace) launched similar efforts to combat the BP oil spill that devastated the gulf of Mexico last year, so it would not be surprising to see them do something similar if the floods became a major topic of discussion within their community.

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