London bombing MSM on blog coverage

Morning again here and there’s been a flood of MSM coverage of blogs covering the London Bombings, rather than pull out the best bits here is a short summary for those interested;

Bloggers and Photographers Chronicle Chaos in London in the Wall Street Journal

Bloggers react quickly to London blasts in the Guardian

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Blogs respond to London blasts at BBC news

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  • obviously this is completely against islam. by visiting the country these terrorists have seen what is happening to the muslims out there (rasist atacks) it seems they had the urge to get revenge(revenge is completely unlawfull in islam) patience is a great deed in islam but obviously these so called muslims could not bare to see this happening to some muslims. and decided to sacrifise themselfs thinking they will be rewarded for this awfull action SO IF PEOPLE WANT THIS BOMING TO STOP I THINK THEY SHOULD TREAT MUSLIMS EQUALLY AND STOP ABUSING THEM BECAUSE WE ALL ARE HUMANBEINGS WID DIFERENT BELIFS AT THE END OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Have you seen the profiles of the bomers. Everyone is shocked, they just can’t believe it. One of them just recently married. Someone who is just recently married does not go and blow themselves up. I don’t believe it.

    This is what I believe – they were asked to pick up packages during rush hour and were never told they were bombs. How much you want to bet.

    Sad, but probebly true.

  • NO, this was not revenge for attacks on Muslims. YES, this was probably an attack punishing England for suporting the takedown of Saddam, just as the bombings in Madrid were timed to force Spain out of Iraq. I believe there WAS a so-called ‘mastermind’ directing and managing the operation, and that mastermind fiollowed the Al Qaeda program.

    I do not believe the four young men who died were INSTANTLY ‘brainwashed in Pakistan or elsewhere. Their participation in this attack had to be the result of years of problems Pakistanis had had in England, and short but intense extremist influences during visits to Pakistan.

    Barney G.

  • Has anyone considered the possibility that the terrorists were set up by their handlers to fail? Perhaps the higher ups wanted them to fail without the bombers knowing that they were set up. These would-be bombers may have been fed bogus information about plans and weapons by their handlers. Then, when they were to be caught and interrogated, they would, unbeknownst to them, feed the authorities misinformation. Since they would not themselves know that the information was bogus, they could be very convincing.

  • This second set of bombers (I assume you’re talking about), they may not be the same as the first, I don’t believe they are. I think the second set of bombers did not want to hurt anybody, but could have, I think they were playing with fire. I think they were just trying make a point , luckily they didn’t hurt anybody.

    I don’t believe London is going to continue to be terrorized, because London expects it. They’ll wait until things die down, and if the British are still in Iraq, then they’ll get you again just when you thought you were winning.

    There is only one true permanent way to beat terrorism, and that is to follow the teachings of Jesus in the gospels. It is only because we do the opposite that terrorism continues to grow.

  • did you hear about the man shot dead on the london underground because he had a zone 1 pass instead of a zone 4 pass, scotland yard said they are taking a hard line on fare evaders

  • yeah shocking a cop put a gun to my head on the bus because he thought i hadnt paid the full fare. london transport has just gone nuts!

  • The 21 July hoax bombings and the Stockwell shooting were distractions for the main bombings on 7 July. Who is talking about 07/07/05 being false flag operation now? At Stockwell the racially insensitive police shot the wrong type of victim, but as a distraction it has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Had he been Muslim and/or the unfashionable type of Asian, the cover-up would have gone like clockwork. Some of those “witnesses” to the Stockwell shooting were part of the police surveillance team doing their own bit of impromptu damage control. Haven’t you guys figured that out yet?
    Stockwell was also about intimidation and the police taking back the initiative: Kill one terrify 10,000. Independent enquiry? You need to ask. Still, at least Sir Ian Blair will be able to spend more time with his family. Which is hard cheese for them.

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