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London bombings: blogs covering from the frontline

London bombings: blogs covering from the frontline

As news and first pictures start to emerge of the carnage caused by multiple bomb blasts on the London Underground (the Tube) blogs and bloggers are providing news that cant be gathered elsewhere (the BBC is currently offline, possibly due to traffic)

The Guardian Newsblog is providing up to date reports from the chaos that combines the strength of the mainstream press with the imediacy of blogging.

Across the Atlantic has up to the minute reports from the BBC TV coverage.

More shortly as this is still breaking news, watch this space for updates

Updates: ABC TV here in Australia is running a live feed from the BBC: reports highly confused, 1, maybe more buses where bombs have exploded, multiple tube stations, reports of bodies in the street, 7 mbomb sites, mixed reports of “security incidents” in other English towns. BBC and CNN websites are both off line as at 10:20 GMT

Reaching for Lucidity is covering the story from Littlehampton.

Technorati coverage: bomb and London bomb. Flickr photos here

Mayor of London BlogBethlet is fine.

Another update: reports that the Army is being deployed onto London streets.

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Google Presentation (alfie’s page, cant link directly to it) has a shot taken from the underground directly after one of the bombs taken from a phonecam. scary. (same pic now on Flickr here)

As per comments Syntagma is covering the story, as is Darren Rowse at the Livingroom blog.

More: tip from Paul Short: Kids and Coping with ADHD is covering things as well

More: BBC on blogs covering the bombings.

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  • Yes, I’m blogging this on SYNTAGMA. Not in the front line of course. Strange how we could be celebrating one day, then ducking for cover the next.

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