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Look for the Fine Print

Look for the Fine Print

Whether it’s tiny text in the newspaper or the voiceover guy on the radio, every “deal,” “discount,” and “giveaway” has fine print. Here are two that are irritating me today.

There has been a lot of hype about personalized Facebook URLs launching Saturday morning at 12:01am ET. Did you know that you have to have at least 1,000 fans – before May 31, 2009 – to be eligible? It’s in the fine print.

Blog host Squarespace, which I have championed for years, is holding a contest on Twitter. All you have to do is include the hashtag #squarespace in a Tweet to be entered to win an 8GB iPhone. However, if you look closer at the contest, you will see that the company is really giving away a gift certificate – which obviously can be used for any Apple merchandise.

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I used to be the guy who searched for the fine print first. Perhaps I’ve mellowed out a bit pr become too trusting. This is my wake up call. Let this be a reminder to look for the “catch” before you get too psyched about anything.

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