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Loren Feldman interviews Duncan Riley

Loren Feldman interviews Duncan Riley

Loren Feldman, over at 1938 Media, has an interview with Duncan Riley, formerly of b5media and the founder of The Blog Herald.

Best quote: “It’s not Canada….”

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  • Is Google good or bad? Russell Crowe? I was disappointed after listening to this interview and ‘exclusive’? In somebody’s mind I guess (L.F.)

    However: any interview with Duncan is interesting to listen to … so, if this were Dogster .. three pet bones to Loren for getting the interview and posting it.

  • Hart – I think that might of been me….. Dunc asked me to do something for him on his site and I think I might have broken it.

    If anyone sees him in NY or Toronto can you let him know its broken?

    In fact if you do see him and you can break the bad news, wile you are there you might want to mention that the car has a bit of a new look.


  • That evil spam killing robot has been lurking around the ‘net a lot .. but now that I think about it .. I’ve been getting less foreign language 1-liner spams on my own blogs. Okay. Loren can have the two bones back :D

  • Nice coup by Loren to get the man of the moment. But he was tight-lipped on the TechCrunch party as well as his Julius Caesar moment in Toronto.

    Good to hear him talking mainstream advertising, though. I can see the faultline now with b5.

    And Loren didn’t get to mention Syntagma Media. God be praised! :-)

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